Author: Paul Whimpenny

Features writer and album reviewer. Fan of all music from Vivaldi onwards with a predilection for classic and progressive rock from the 1970s.

Xeneris – Eternal Rising (Frontiers Music)

If Xeneris represents a rebirth from the ashes of Kalidia then it seems to me that they’ve come out a stronger band and Eternal Rising is going to be one of the most highly rated power/symphonic metal albums of 2024.   Despite only releasing two albums in their decade-long career, Kalidia were one of the..

New Horizon – Conquerors (Frontiers Music)

The quality of the writing and musicianship on Conquerors is consistently high, and the unifying lyrical theme intriguing. And in Molin, Tee has found the perfect partner. Jona Tee is best known as the long-time keyboard player in Swedish rock band H.E.A.T. He has spread out in recent years, being a member of Crowne too,..

Renaissance – Tuscany (Cherry Red / Esoteric)

Renaissance have a cherished place in ‘70s progressive rock music history. Annie Haslam’s marvellous voice combined with the group’s ability to produce epic symphonic landscapes created a truly unique sound. That period was immortalised on stage in the album Live At Carnegie Hall in 1976, but a subsequent attempt to write music oriented towards an..

Marty Friedman – Drama (Frontiers Music)

The melodies are strong, and Friedman gets the balance right between meditative playing and more bombastic passages. He’s come a long way since Megadeth and the good news is that he’s still worth listening to. Having reached fame and fortune as guitarist in Megadeth during the ‘90s, you could have forgiven Marty Friedman for sitting..