Author: Paul Whimpenny

Features writer and album reviewer. Fan of all music from Vivaldi onwards with a predilection for classic and progressive rock from the 1970s.

Secret Rule – Uninverse (Lucky Bob Records / SPV)

Secret Rule have produced a fine album with a handful of truly memorable tracks that display their full mastery of the symphonic metal format. Secret Rule are a band from Rome that have been extraordinarily prolific by current standards. Their debut came out in 2015 and here, eight years later, they are already up to..

Alberta Cross and Band of Skulls Join Forces to Release ‘Crooked House’

17th November, Alberta Cross and Band of Skulls unleash their collaborative single ‘Crooked House’- a union of creativity that promises to leave an indestructible mark on the rock scene. Combining the minds of these two artists, ‘Crooked House’ will excite fans of Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age with its raw and invigorating sound.  Stream Crooked House here Watch the video here (Video shot..

Blank Manuskript – 229, London (15 November 2023)

The London prog fans who stayed at home rather than venture out mid-week missed one hell of a treat. According to Julie Andrews in the famous Musical, the hills are alive with the sound of music around Salzburg. But the lovely Austrian city is not exactly bursting with world famous rock artists. Perhaps it’s because..

Green Lung – This Heathen Land (Nuclear Blast Records) This Heathen Land Green Lung have grown out of their Sabbath-influenced roots to create a surprisingly varied and accessible album, full of classic riffs, big choruses, and fascinating lyrics. A cynic might ask: is there anything more to Green Lung than slavishly trying to create the sound of Black Sabbath? Listen to the first..