Author: Paul Whimpenny

Features writer and album reviewer. Fan of all music from Vivaldi onwards with a predilection for classic and progressive rock from the 1970s.

The Emerald Dawn – In Time

Timeless and The March Of Time confirm The Emeral Dawn’s tradition of writing excellent multi-part and mostly instrumental pieces but with Out Of Time they have upped the ante, nailed the long prog format, and surely cemented their position as the darlings of the prog community.    I can’t quite place my finger on the exact..

A Sunday In September: District 97; The Enid; The Emerald Dawn; Matt Stevens & Kev Feazey; Poly-Math – The Bedford, Balham, London (10 September 2023)

A Sunday In September must surely be the most intimate prog festival of the year. There are no muddy fields, no food vans and no camping sites. It all takes place in one indoor room within the premises of The Bedford pub in the leafy suburb of Balham, South-West London. This delightful venue is like..

IO Earth – Sanctuary

IO Earth have delivered the goods once again. It’s been a while since I’ve heard such an intelligent and complex prog rock album that is so abounding in creativity, and so emotionally intense. Progressive music is more than half a century old so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of prog-by-numbers groups around that..

Tenhi – Valkama (Prophecy Productions)

If you’re not familiar with neofolk or dark folk but enjoy lengthy acoustic, prog or post-rock music, then this is a great introduction to the genre. Sam Goldwyn once famously said about a book: ‘I read part of it all the way through’. That quote would also sum up my own attention span when listening..