Author: Paul Whimpenny

Features writer and album reviewer. Fan of all music from Vivaldi onwards with a predilection for classic and progressive rock from the 1970s.

Hawkwind – Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Steve Wilson Remix), Vinyl Edition (Cherry Red / Atomhenge Records)

This release will probably become the definitive version of Warriors On The Edge Of Time – the full vinyl package combined with Wilson’s crystal clear remix is surely unbeatable. An absolute must for Hawkwind fans. Warrior On The Edge Of Time stands somewhat apart in Hawkwind’s 1970s catalogue of studio releases. It’s preceded by the..

Carrie Martin – Evergreen (Psychotron Records)

All in all, this is a thoroughly enjoyable set of twelve songs that demonstrate Martin’s compositional skills. Those with a leaning towards relaxing acoustic music will certainly love this but there’s enough variety to ensure there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. For every Ed Sheeran, there must be thousands of aspiring artists hoping that..

Einar Solberg – 16 (InsideOut Music)

Listen to 16, and the question that will come to your mind is this: what will be the second best prog album of 2023? Solberg surely has the top spot nailed. How important is the quality of a singer’s voice versus the music that accompanies them? If you take Barbara Streisand for example, then people..

Black Dog String Quartet – A Thousand Times Brighter

What the Black Dog String Quartet do here that sounds unique to me is to fully maintain that classical style of quartet writing – without drifting into providing just pleasant background noises - while adding the human voice and in some cases brass, percussion, and upright bass. It’s a winning combination. It seems to me..

Yes – Mirror To The Sky (InsideOut Music)

Forgive the pun, but Yes have tottered close to the edge of producing a brilliant album. The title track is a superb piece, and Howe is in tremendous form throughout, but the failure to excise some less inspired moments leaves it falling just short of a classic to these ears. Over the last two decades..

Twisted Illusion – Upstairs To Optimism

This is an excellent album, full of the sort of infectiously positive music that is rare these days in the world of prog. Twisted Illusion certainly have plenty of reasons to be optimistic... Listening to the music of Twisted Illusion, you would be tempted to guess they are from North America. Their brand of music..

Nautha – Metempsychosis (Argonauta Records)

What is common to the whole album though is the frequency of good riffs, the outstanding musicianship, and the sheer musical ambition of this young band. Nautha are a relatively new three-piece Italian band, formed in 2016. This is their sophomore release, following on from 2018’s Tutti I Colori Del Buoi (which translates to English..

Hex A.D. – Delightful Sharp Edges (Apollon Records)

Delightful Sharp Edges is an intoxicating mix of irresistible riffs and epic progressive landscapes. The scale and ambition of the concept is truly remarkable. It feels as if the Norwegian band Hex A.D. have been on an upward trajectory since 2018 when they recorded their third album (and their first on the Fresh Tea label),..