Author: Richard Proctor

Former reviewer in the CRS "Rock Society" magazine. Formative music years were the 70's, from psychedelia, folk-rock, blues-rock, heavy rock, punkdom, New Wave through to Indie. I love pretty much all rock music, .... I just don't do soul and disco! šŸ˜

Utopia announce debut album on APF Records and share first single

Utopia, the technical metal group centred around guitarist John Bailey and Corrupt Moral Altar vocalist Chris Reese will let loose their debut album 'Stalker' this August on APF Records.Watch the video now for first single 'Happiness' - Da Boyz The album see John and Chris joined by an impressive list of guest musicians such as..

Liholesie (Rus) “Shamanic Twilight” (Infinite Fog Productions)

June 4th 2021 saw the international release of the sixth full-length album of Russian ethno-ambient act Liholesie - Shamanic Twilight. Liholesie is a sophisticated Russian ethno-ambient act, whose first demo was released back in 2002 - or alternatively, they're just about the wackiest musical set-up I have ever heard of! Despite this, I do find myself strangely drawn to this album! A bit of..

Underdark share video for ‘With Ashen Hands Around Our Throats’

DEBUT ALBUM 'OUR BODIES BURNED BRIGHT ON RE-ENTRY' RELEASEDĀ 30TH JULY ********* After forming in 2015, Nottingham based black metallers Underdark are finally ready to present their debut album to the world. Following their recent 'Plainsongā€‹/With Bruised & Bloodied Feet' single release in 2020, 'Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re-Entry' is the sound of a new..

Smoking Rogers release first single from forthcoming debut album

Italian Alternative rock band SMOKING ROGERS has just released their first single "Spiritual Song" from their debut album "Comfort Zone"  to be released on July 20 on Seahorse Recordings .  Listen to the single ā€œSpiritual Songā€ on major digital platforms and watch the lyric video here: The band comments: ā€œ This song is about pathological narcissism, inability to love and rejection. Blend of clear sounds..