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Former reviewer in the CRS "Rock Society" magazine. Formative music years were the 70's, from psychedelia, folk-rock, blues-rock, heavy rock, punkdom, New Wave through to Indie. I love pretty much all rock music, .... I just don't do soul and disco! ūüėĀ

Riff Monsters MOLYBARON release new track ‚ÄėAnimals’ in advance of new album ‘THE MUTINY’

FRENCH-IRISH ALT METAL PROSPECTS MOLYBARON UNLEASH FERAL TRACK ‚ÄėANIMALS‚Äô TO DECLARE NEW STUDIO ALBUM ‚ÄėTHE MUTINY‚Äô  MOLYBARON - ‚ÄėTHE MUTINY‚Äô - COMING MAY 21ST 2021 MOLYBARON are a promising alternative metal prospect with roots in Ireland and France. They take their cues from the powerful melodic sounds that inspire them: from Alter Bridge, Mastodon, Therapy? and..

White Moth Black Butterfly release new single ‘The Dreamer’

TAKEN FROM THE FORTHCOMING NEW ALBUM  'THE COST OF DREAMING' RELEASED ON KSCOPE ON 28TH MAY 2021 Having¬†recently¬†announced¬†details¬†of¬†their¬†forthcoming¬†studio¬†album 'TheCost¬†Of¬†Dreaming',¬†due¬†for¬†release¬†on¬†Kscope¬†on¬†28th¬†May,¬†White¬†MothBlack¬†Butterfly¬†have¬†revealed¬†the¬†first¬†single¬†and¬†accompanying¬†video¬†tobe¬†taken¬†from¬†the¬†new¬†release,¬†entitled¬†‚ÄúThe¬†Dreamer‚ÄĚ. Daniel Tompkins on the song‚Äôs meaning ‚Äúthis is a song that exploresboth the apprehension and excitement of the birth of a dream, ‚ÄėTheDreamer‚Äô boldly embraces regretfully introspective verses that clashwith a powerfully uplifting and hopeful chorus.‚ÄĚ It's the greatest feeling When you lift me up I touch the clouds Is there a cost to dreaming? Cos' when you pull me up I'm so far from the ground Even though we know it won't last You teach me not to throw it all away White Moth Black Butterfly are a contemporary pop project with progressive and experimental music at its heart; created by Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT), it features a team of songwriters & producers based worldwide, all at the height of their own scenes. Collaborating with Tompkins are New-Delhi based Skyharbor songwriter and producer Keshav Dhar; US based producer and string arranger Randy Slaugh who has previously worked with the likes of Devin Townsend, Architects & Periphery, drummer Mac Christensen and the line up is completed by ethereal vocals of UK singer & lyricist Jordan Turner. Their newest output, 'The Cost Of Dreaming', not only signals a sonic evolution for the band, whilst still retaining core elements from previous recordings such as organic string sections and experimental theme linkinginterludes, but also features some exceptional special guests including saxophonist Kenny Fong and The Contortionist‚Äôs keyboardist EricGuenther. For Tompkins, White Moth Black Butterfly and 'The Cost Of Dreaming' represent a dichotomy between peace and conflict within a life full ofchaos. He explains more ‚ÄúOur new album 'The Cost of Dreaming' is something we feel just about every human being on the planet that's beenaffected by life changing disruption will relate strongly to. Our nature is to always be planning, dreaming about an ideal future in which we will have ticked various boxes that define our ideal lives, often at the cost of the present. And when control over that future is seizedaway from us and all we are left with is the present, we realise just how much we took for granted. Life is surely a gift to us all throughoutwhich we experience moments of soaring bliss and happiness, and then in a heartbeat sink into states of great trouble and suffering. Often ourstruggles can serve as momentous opportunities for growth, but the balance of life can often hold us back from seizing the day. It's anoutpouring of love and a cry for help.‚ÄĚ There are strong themes throughout the album that will resonate with many people, from addressing the issue of ongoing domestic abuse crisisin "Use You" and offering a way to sign post people toward support agencies; to the unexpected psychological upheavals brought about byevents beyond our control in ‚ÄúDarker Days‚ÄĚ. Self-produced, engineered and recorded over three continents in various studios throughout the last year, The Cost Of Dreaming was writtenremotely. This album signals a sonic evolution in the bands‚Äô output while still retaining core elements from previous recordings such asorganic string sections and experimental theme linking interludes. Fans will be able to discover a series of easter eggs within the album, providing a link between this and TesseracT‚Äôs live portals experience,demonstrating the interconnected relationships throughout the artists‚Äô various projects. The Cost Of Dreaming is released on 28th May on CD, black 180g vinyl LP and digitally (digital pre-orders receive ‚ÄúThe Dreamer‚ÄĚ as aninstant download from Friday 9th April) Pre-orders available now HERE ( (Photographer credit: Chris W.R Cox Photography)

Klone return with their debut live album ‘Alive’ (Kscope records)

Released on 11th June 2021 French atmospheric rockers Klone have built their name on making music that's as deeply introspective as it is sonically powerful. Known for their trademark dark guitar tones and epic brooding soundscapes, the band signed with Kscope in 2019 before releasing their first album with the label, Le Grand Voyage, that same year to critical..

H.E.A.T Reschedule UK Tour To October 2022

"SIGN IN THE NORTHERN SKY" UK TOUR RESCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 2022 WITH VERY SPECIAL GUESTS MASON HILL & COLLATERAL TICKETS AVAILBLE FROM MYTICKET.CO.UK "H.E.A.T II" NEW ALBUM¬†OUT NOW Celebrated Swedish rock band H.E.A.T have rescheduled their "Sign In The Northern Sky" October 2021 UK tour to October 2022. The rescheduled 2022 UK tour dates include¬†Leeds Warehouse¬†(Friday October 14),¬†Wolverhampton KK's Steel Mill¬†(Saturday October..

Alternative Rock outfit Head With Wings return with ‘In A House Without Clocks

WOULD YOU CONSIDER A LIFE WITHOUT A PATH?CONNECTICUT ALTERNATIVE ROCK OUTFIT 'HEAD WITH WINGS' RETURN WITH POIGNANT SINGLE 'IN A HOUSE WITHOUT CLOCKS' 'IN A HOUSE WITHOUT CLOCKS' OUT APRIL 9TH 2021 Head with Wings listens to:  Karnivool, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, A Perfect Circle Head with Wings are storytellers of sound. Textured, ethereal, and blissfully haunting, the..

Video Nasties rise again with new single ‘Draw The Shades’

Liverpool's horror themed, John Carpenter worshipping, heavy metal outfit Video Nasties have risen once again with a brand new single, 'Draw The Shades', their first new material since last year's debut album 'Dominion' on APF Records. Comprised of members from some of Liverpool's finest heavy exports in The Bendal Interlude, SSS, Magpyes and Iron Witch,..

BRUIT – The Machine is Burning and Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again (Elusive Sound)

So - this is something really quite different from yer average rock album, so stay with me as I explain! BRUIT ‚ȧ are an elegant French ambient/neo-classical/post-rock band who originally emerged from the ashes of several pop bands, with a burning desire to do something different, turn their backs on the commercial recording industry and return to a process of musical creation without constraints. In fact, the initial plan was not to perform live at all, but to research and experiment with sound in a studio environment. No,..

Tallah surprise fans with ‘Talladdin’ – Disney Covers EP!

TALLAH + ALADDIN = TALLADDIN !! Tallah trick fans with Disney Covers EP featuring hit songs from the Aladdin soundtrack! Listen to Friend Like Me Now! Full Talladdin EP exclusively available to Tallah Patrons.SIGN UP FOR TALLAH'S PATREON NOW Pennsylvanian Nu-core outfit Tallah have surprised fans with an unexpected announcement. In light of April Fools..