Author: Richard Proctor

Former reviewer in the CRS "Rock Society" magazine. Formative music years were the 70's, from psychedelia, folk-rock, blues-rock, heavy rock, punkdom, New Wave through to Indie. I love pretty much all rock music, .... I just don't do soul and disco! ?

Alternative Rock outfit Head With Wings return with ‘In A House Without Clocks

WOULD YOU CONSIDER A LIFE WITHOUT A PATH?CONNECTICUT ALTERNATIVE ROCK OUTFIT 'HEAD WITH WINGS' RETURN WITH POIGNANT SINGLE 'IN A HOUSE WITHOUT CLOCKS' 'IN A HOUSE WITHOUT CLOCKS' OUT APRIL 9TH 2021 Head with Wings listens to:  Karnivool, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, A Perfect Circle Head with Wings are storytellers of sound. Textured, ethereal, and blissfully haunting, the..

Video Nasties rise again with new single ‘Draw The Shades’

Liverpool's horror themed, John Carpenter worshipping, heavy metal outfit Video Nasties have risen once again with a brand new single, 'Draw The Shades', their first new material since last year's debut album 'Dominion' on APF Records. Comprised of members from some of Liverpool's finest heavy exports in The Bendal Interlude, SSS, Magpyes and Iron Witch,..

BRUIT – The Machine is Burning and Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again (Elusive Sound)

So - this is something really quite different from yer average rock album, so stay with me as I explain! BRUIT ≤ are an elegant French ambient/neo-classical/post-rock band who originally emerged from the ashes of several pop bands, with a burning desire to do something different, turn their backs on the commercial recording industry and return to a process of musical creation without constraints. In fact, the initial plan was not to perform live at all, but to research and experiment with sound in a studio environment. No,..

Tallah surprise fans with ‘Talladdin’ – Disney Covers EP!

TALLAH + ALADDIN = TALLADDIN !! Tallah trick fans with Disney Covers EP featuring hit songs from the Aladdin soundtrack! Listen to Friend Like Me Now! Full Talladdin EP exclusively available to Tallah Patrons.SIGN UP FOR TALLAH'S PATREON NOW Pennsylvanian Nu-core outfit Tallah have surprised fans with an unexpected announcement. In light of April Fools..

Ukrainian rockers Sinoptik say “Go Big or Go Home” in latest single “Sell God’s Number”

(With thanks to the Korostyshev Boarding School in Ukraine!) Ukrainian Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik are continuing the march towards the release of a full length album, and the next mile marker on their journey is here, with new single 'Sell God's Number', and a release date of June 11th 2021 for the new studio album now announced as 'The Calling'.  The..

Servant Leader – Raised By Wolves Pt2

Servant Leader is a solo project belonging to Leigh Oates, critically acclaimed vocalist with Xilla, Order Of Voices, Soldierfield, Rise To Addiction and Ninedenine. Just over a year ago, Leigh released Raised By Wolves - Part 1, which garnered some great reviews and ended up in several "Top 5" lists for 2020, much to Leigh's..