Author: Stephen Lambe

Author, book publisher, festival promoter and former chairman of The Classic Rock Society. His main areas of interest are progressive rock and art rock/pop. His favourite band/artists are Yes, Focus and Judie Tzuke. As well as promoting the Summer's End Festival since 2006, he's seen Welsh proggers Magenta live over 80 times!

Meer – Playing House (Karisma Records)

After 40 years of enjoying music of many different genres, it's very unusual for me to be entirely bowled over by a new band. Of course, a great deal of music being made today is still of the highest quality as this website demonstrates, but I am rarely stopped in my tracks these days. Rock..

Focus 50 Years Anthology 1970-1976 (Red Bullet)

If, like me, you’ve been following Dutch prog masters Focus for the almost all of the 50 years of their existence, you will have had multiple opportunities to buy the back calalogue. Again, like me you may have ‘replaced’ your vinyl copies with CD versions, some released as early as 1987. 2017 saw the Red..