Author: Stoyan Tsonev

Hosting the “Total Invasion” weekly radio show on Z-Rock radio, Bulgaria since 2006, with more than 750 shows aired. Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian edition of Metal Hammer, with 14 issues released between 2012 and 2014. Has written articles for “Brutallica” (in English), S.M.F. and Metal Hammer Bulgaria magazines since 1998. Has interviewed Dio, Adrian Smith, Blackie Lawless, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate and many more metal artists and bands.

Kvaen – The Formless Fires (Metal Blade Records)

Sweden has always been prolific on the melodic black and death metal front, and Kvaen is another example of the talent this country has to offer in extreme metal. Jacob Björnfot, the creative mastermind behind the band(named after the folk who populated the area in the Viking era), has already released two solid albums in 2020..

Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (Metal Blade Records)

Look at that cover and tell me you don’t know already this will contain some kind of total metal old school madness. Well, you’d be damn right. Hellbutcher is the brand new band, formed by (and named after) the frontman of now inactive Swedish black/thrash legends Nifelheim. The other musicians helping with writing and recording..

Bat – Under The Crooked Claw (Nuclear Blast)

For those unfamiliar, Bat is the speed-punk side project of Ryan Waste and Nick Poulos from Municipal Waste. Their debut full length Wings Of Chains came out in 2026, followed by the Axestasy EP three years later. Under The Crooked Claw, which will hurt your ears next Friday, is the band’s first album for Nuclear..

Interview with Steve Asheim (Deicide)

Two weeks ago, death metal veterans Deicide released their new album Banished By Sin, which happens to be one of the best in their career. That was a good opportunity to reach out to their legendary drummer and a founding member Steve Asheim, who told us how it all started nearly four decades ago and..

Demon – Invincible (Frontiers Music)

It is an interesting phenomenon how perceptions change and are influenced a lot when put in context. British hard rock veterans Demon are a very good example. On the one hand, you have the band name, the music on their first two albums and the album artwork and lyrics, which put them firmly in the..

Riot – Mean Streets (Reigning Phoenix Music)

Riot, even if considered a legendary name nowadays, have always been more or less the underdogs of the US metal scene. The tremendous amount of bad luck and personal tragedy didn’t stop these guys from releasing some of the stone-cold classics of the Eighties with Fire Down Under, Born In America and Thundersteel being absolutely..