Author: Stoyan Tsonev

Hosting the “Total Invasion” weekly radio show on Z-Rock radio, Bulgaria since 2006, with more than 750 shows aired. Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian edition of Metal Hammer, with 14 issues released between 2012 and 2014. Has written articles for “Brutallica” (in English), S.M.F. and Metal Hammer Bulgaria magazines since 1998. Has interviewed Dio, Adrian Smith, Blackie Lawless, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate and many more metal artists and bands.

La Chinga – Primal Forces (Ripple Music)

Based in Vancouver, Canada, La Chinga is an 11-years-old band, which is gearing up to release its third full length Primal Forces in three weeks. Their sound lies somewhere in-between Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses, with a pinch of Motörhead here and there (see Backs To The Wall). Don’t let the great artwork mislead..

Kerrigan – Bloodmoon (High Roller Records)

Kerrigan (meaning “black” in Irish) is a new, trad-metal band, formed in Freiburg in 2019 by Bruno S. (guitars, bass) and Jonas W. (vocals, guitars), both of whom are also in the funeral doom band Lone Wanderer. After a demo, they inked a deal with High Roller records for the release of their first full-length..

Primal Fear – Code Red (Atomic Fire Records)

Well, it is really hard to even start this review. After the pandemic madness and the personal problems within the band (I really hope Mat Sinner is finally on the steady path to full recovery and can’t wait to see him on stage soon), the change of labels also came with an expectation of a..

U.D.O. – Touchdown (Atomic Fire Records)

Udo Dirkschneider – what an absolute legend! The name itself is a trademark and you just can’t mistake THAT voice for anybody else’s: my wife just cringed in agony when I played the album again while writing this review. The eighteenth album of the U.D.O. band is coming out less than two years after the..

Interview with Morgan Håkansson (Marduk)

Marduk is without a doubt among the hardest working bands in extreme music and especially in the black metal genre. Their persistency and perseverance have never wavered though their 33 years of existence and there is a reason for that. Marduk are about to release their fifteenth album next month and we took the opportunity..

Spirit Adrift – Ghost At The Gallows (Century Media)

Started as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Nate Garrett (ex-Gatecreeper) back in 2015, eight years later, Spirit Adrift is the closest they’ve ever been to a full-fledged band. The fifth album Ghost At The Gallows is coming out on August 18th via Century Media, following the longest, almost three-year gap between full-lengths. Garrett’s band has..


Now, it’s a well-known fact that a significant part of metal fans are also gamers (including board games nerds) and here’s a band that boldly embraces this fact. Actually, Owlbear is the name of one of the monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons game and you know, with just a glance at the cover artwork,..

Tailgunner – Guns For Hire (Fireflash Records)

It seems the NWOTHM revivalist wave that started more than fifteen years ago is still as vital as in the beginning. Just a glance at these guys’ band name and logo screams classic heavy metal and this is what you get, when hitting “play” for Guns For Hire, released last Friday. Featuring two ex-Midnight Prophecy..

The Night Eternal – Fatale (Ván Records)

I’ve been following these guys ever since their debut self-titled EP in 2019 and each of their releases has so far managed to exceed my high expectations. The debut full length Moonlit Cross easily topped my annual top-albums list with its fantastic take on classic heavy metal with a sinister and ominous mood. Fortunately, we..