Author: Stoyan Tsonev

Hosting the “Total Invasion” weekly radio show on Z-Rock radio, Bulgaria since 2006, with more than 750 shows aired. Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian edition of Metal Hammer, with 14 issues released between 2012 and 2014. Has written articles for “Brutallica” (in English), S.M.F. and Metal Hammer Bulgaria magazines since 1998. Has interviewed Dio, Adrian Smith, Blackie Lawless, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate and many more metal artists and bands.

Interview with Ken Mary (Fifth Angel)

This is a band that deserves respect. Fifth Angel have been here for nearly 40 years and have released two classic melodic metal albums in the eighties and one worthy successor in the new millennium. Now, the band is entering its fourth decade of existence risen from the ashes of the pandemic, crucial line-up changes,..

Wings Of Steel – Gates Of Twilight (Independent)

Wings Of Steel is a young band from LA, which first caught my attention last year, when a five-song eponymous EP was released. Now, just over a year later, the guys are self-releasing their full-length debut Gates Of Twilight, which not just fulfills but surpasses the potential shown on the EP. The style is US..


You can’t talk about the second wave of black metal without mentioning Immortal. Battles In The North and At The Heart Of Winter are carved with golden letters in the history of extreme music and even if mastermind Demonaz is the only original and staying member of the band now, the tenth Immortal album War..


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the name Immortal should speak loads to every extreme metal fan. In the decade between 1992 and 2002, the Bergen residents released seven albums, at least four of which are absolute black metal classics. The core of the band in this first era were front man and bassist..

Skinher – Heartstruck (Aural Music)

Greece has been a home for so many talented bands in all metal genres, that it becomes hard to follow the up and coming new albums. What caught my attention in this case was the totally old school cover artwork of Heartstruck, which happens to be the debut album of Skinher, a melodic heavy metal..

Haunt – Golden Arm (Iron Grip Records)

Our favorite workaholic Trevor William Church is back yet again with the seventh full-length Haunt album in less than six years. Golden Arm is coming out less than a year after Windows Of Your Heart and continues the path taken by Trevor back in 2017 – classic heavy metal, devoid of any modernisms, harkening to..