Author: Stoyan Tsonev

Hosting the “Total Invasion” weekly radio show on Z-Rock radio, Bulgaria since 2006, with more than 750 shows aired. Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian edition of Metal Hammer, with 14 issues released between 2012 and 2014. Has written articles for “Brutallica” (in English), S.M.F. and Metal Hammer Bulgaria magazines since 1998. Has interviewed Dio, Adrian Smith, Blackie Lawless, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate and many more metal artists and bands.


Richmond, Virginia’s crossover thrashers Enforced have been around for less than seven years, but we are already awaiting their third full-length album War Remains. As witnessed by Stoyan Tsonev, who had the privilege to hear it early, the album is another tour-de-force of extremity condensed into less than 34 minutes and 10 tracks. It’s an..

Witchtower – Voyeur (Unsilent Tombs Records)

My favorite Spanish band is here once again with a new album, Voyeur, released on March 28th, through Unsilent Tombs Records. Three years after the excellent Witches’ Domain, keeping a steady line-up, the Andalusians offer another slab of pure old school heavy metal, with a strong NWOBHM flavor. Eight new tracks in just over 40..


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Blind Oath is a new band, operating under the NWOTHM tag, although there are some nuances, which we will stress at later. Their self-titled debut album was released on March 17th through Horton Records and just one glance at the cover artwork and killer band logo speaks volumes of what you should expect...


When I see the “doom metal” tag, it’s always frustrating to find out it’s not exactly the definition of doom I expect. Often, what’s coming out of the speakers is fuzz, stoner, psychedelic, noise, death etc. Of course, perceptions of a genre are more or less subjective and doom has its own myriad of sub-genres,..


Thron have been around for less than eight years, but we are already awaiting the release of their fourth full-length album, entitled Dust, and coming out on March 31st through Listenable Records. The style on display is heavily influenced by the Swedish melodic black-death scene and bands like Dissection and Sacramentum, but there is also..


MDXX is a new epic metal band from Sweden. Their line-up is veiled in mystery, with the four members only presented with the letters V, T, C and A. The band was presented by No Remorse Records 15 months ago with the single Decimation and a promise of a full-length album. Now, their self-titled debut..


There are so many retro-metal and NWOTHM bands these days and yet, very few of them are capable of capturing the true essence of the early days of the genre, meaning late 70s – early 80s. Amethyst, coming from Switzerland, is one such band, unashamedly performing the music they love, BUT with the spirit and..