Author: Terry Craven

A former reviewer and member of the Classic Rock Society having been involved since its early days. .Enjoys virtually all forms of music but first real love is Progressive Rock. Top three band, in no particular order, are Pink Floyd, Rush and the mighty Judas Priest.

Neon Rider – Destination Unknown (Pride & Joy Music)

Neon Rider is a new Argentinian melodic rock band which was put together in 2020 by two guitarists in Hernan Cattaneo and & Marcos Nieva Green and, after a careful line-up reshuffle plus a couple of exploratory singles, they have now put out their debut release in Destination Unknown. The latest version of the band..

Silveroller – AT Dawn (Independent Release)

Silveroller is a new and highly proficient blues rock band with a sound straight out of the lates '60s and early '70s blues explosion and has obviously taken influences from the classic bands Free and Bad Company and associated acts in Paul Kossoff's Back Street Crawler and its spin-off Crawler. At Dawn is a thrilling..

Firewind – Stand United (AFM Records)

Firewind was originally a vehicle to showcase the mercurial skills of Greek guitarist Gus G aka Konstantinos Karamitroudis who has had a thrilling career as guitarist with Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage and Dream Evil as well as numerous guest appearances with just about any rock band that matters but I'm certain that pride of place on..

Turbulence – Binary Dream (Frontiers Music)

It's a real thrill to see rock music coming from areas of the world that we are not normally used to seeing and it shows that, for most of us, our assumption that Europe and the United States is the home of metal is somewhat outdated as developments in South America and the East (be..