September 19, 2020

Author: Terry Craven

A former reviewer and member of the Classic Rock Society having been involved since its early days. .Enjoys virtually all forms of music but first real love is Progressive Rock. Top three band, in no particular order, are Pink Floyd, Rush and the mighty Judas Priest.

Ignea – The Realms Of Fire And Death (Kadabra Music)

Ignea is not a band I know, and a quick look at their website gives all of the expected detail on them but then they sum themselves up in one superbly succinct strapline stating that they are a 'Ukrainian melodic metal band with symphonic, electronic and Middle-Eastern influences'. Sounds a touch bizarre but it is..

Jessica Wolff – Para Dice (Metapolis Records)

Jessica Wolff appears to be a rather busy young Finnish lady as she is a musician and actor (who does her own stunt work) and a Kung-Fu enthusiast as well, obviously not a woman to mess with. Para Dice is her third album following on from Renegade in 2014 and Grounded in 2017. Not an..

She Bites – Joyride (Pride & Joy Music)

She Bites is the rock vehicle put together in 2019 for Berlin based singer and actress Melanie Stahlkopf by the Lioncage and ex-Skyline guitarist Lars König with the band being completed by drummer Carsten Kohl (Three Wishes) and bassist Arvid Lucas (Lioncage). Together, they have produced Joy Ride, a thoroughly enjoyable pop/AOR album with hooks aplenty..

Dark Arena – Alien Factor (Pure Steel Records)

Dark Arena is an American progressive power metal band was formed originally around 1994 by guitarist Paul Konjicija (Antithesis) and they do appear to have something of a 'dark' past too. The original vocalist was John Marshall until his untimely death and he was briefly replaced by Tim 'Ripper' Owens with Owens then making way..

Ravenlight – Project Genesis (Novus Records)

That cannot be too many rock genres that have grown as much over the last few years as the female fronted symphonic rock band which has seen numbers rising exponentially. In the fledgling days almost exclusively the domain of the giants Nightwish, Within Temptation and After Forever but now every new day seems to bring..

Greyhawk – Keepers Of The Flame (Fighter Records)

Just try to imagine for as moment a world where there was no Judas Priest, can you comprehend just how bleak and miserable that world would be? Remember, also, that it would not just be devoid of the greatest metal band that ever existed but also the uncountable bands that the mighty Priest has influenced..

FRASER EDWARDS – The Architect

The name of Fraser Edwards is new to me, but it seems he has created a little piece in history for himself - as the guitarist and creator of Sharky Sharky which is, apparently, a shark themed rock band for kids! I kid you not, I checked out their website and there it is in..