March 6, 2021

Author: Terry Craven

A former reviewer and member of the Classic Rock Society having been involved since its early days. .Enjoys virtually all forms of music but first real love is Progressive Rock. Top three band, in no particular order, are Pink Floyd, Rush and the mighty Judas Priest.

Incursion – The Hunter (No Remorse Records)

Now this is quite an interesting release, Incursion is an American classic metal band that was active between 1982 and 1986 and apparently they wrote a number of songs but didn't actually record anything before they folded. They then reformed in 2018 and this EP is actually their debut release so it is overdue by..

A.J. Croce – By Request (Compass Records)

Adrian James Croce is an American singer songwriter with a very musical background indeed with his parents being the author and singer songwriter Ingrid Croce and his father the great folk and rock vocalist and, yes you've guessed it, singer songwriter Jim Croce. With such talented parents then how could A.J. be anything else? Sadly,..

Bonfire – Roots (AFM Records)

The Coronavirus has truly impacted on society and our way of life has been on hold for a year now. So many things that we took for granted have not been possible, holidays, visiting friends, nights out in the local pub, meals in restaurants, the list is endless and it has been, virtually, death by..

Aeonblack – The Time Will Come (Black Sunset)

Aeonblack is a hard rock/power metal band from Baden-Württemberg in the South West of Germany who formed in 2003 and prior to this, from 1988 to 2003 were known as Groggy Elks. There is not a lot of recorded product available with a solitary EP in 2007 and it was not until 2015 that their debut,..

Birdpen – All Function One (JAR Records)

We now come to the much anticipated sixth album by BirdPen, an eclectic English rock duo formed by Dave Penn and Mike Bird in 2003. The band seems to operate at the edge of the cultural mainstream and remain an underground delight that will one day, surely, dine at the top table. They have an..

Nightrage – Demo 2000 (Despotz Records)

Nightrage is a hugely popular melodic death metal band that was formed in Thessaloniki in Greece in 2000 by the two guitarists Marios Iliopoulos and Gus G. The band subsequently released three demos before putting out the debut album Sweet Vengeance in 2003 and, since, then, the band has relocated to Gothenburg and released a..

Osyron – Foundations (SAOL Label)

Osyron began life when formed in 2004 in Ontario, Canada but was originally called Morbid Theory and released two demos under this banner (Chaos Breed in 2006 and Harbinger in 2010) before making some personnel changes and relocating to Alberta. This then led to the name change and, in 2012, they took on the moniker..