Author: Terry Craven

A former reviewer and member of the Classic Rock Society having been involved since its early days. .Enjoys virtually all forms of music but first real love is Progressive Rock. Top three band, in no particular order, are Pink Floyd, Rush and the mighty Judas Priest.

Principe Valiente – Barricades (Metropolis Records)

The intriguingly titled Principe Valiente is a dark pop band from Stockholm in Sweden and was formed in 2007 with Barricades being the bands third album to date. Just a cursory listen shows a minimalist, post-punk and early electro inspired band with an introspective and almost diffident delivery which gives them an air of mystery..

Lee Rogers – Gameblood (Zenith Cafe)

Lee Rogers is a singer song writer from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland and I first came across his music with his Dark Notions EP from last year. He has been a musician for almost 20-years but his output seems to be very sporadic with Gameblood being only his second long playing album although he has..

Jeff Scott Soto – Complicated (Frontiers Music)

One day, hopefully far in the future, Jeff Scott Soto will sit back and look at his long and illustrious career and will realise what a totally impressive CV he has compiled during his journey as one of rocks greatest singers of our generation. I think you can be rather happy with the way your..

The Big Deal – First Bite (Frontiers Music)

The latest new act on the Frontiers label is the very well named The Big Deal, a female fronted heavy melodic rock band from Serbia. First Bite is the band's debut album release and is an exceptional first release being mature, fully developed, well produced and features a host of incredible musicians. Photo: Mladen Nadj..

Black Eye – Black Eye (Frontiers Music)

I always regard the '70s as the period when music was at its finest and certainly most diverse with pop sitting comfortably alongside prog rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, disco and punk and the charts were full of songs that we regularly hear still today on the radio. By contrast I consider that music then..

Ancient Settlers – Our Last Eclipse (Crusader Records)

Our Last Eclipse is the debut release by this international melodic death metal/metalcore outfit with musicians coming from as far afield as the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal and Finland. The band was formed recently in 2020 by Carlos Chiesa-Estomba and Herman Riera (Ex-Haboryn), Rene González (Ex- Aesthesis), Emmy Reyes (Blackbeer, Ex- Gamalyel), and Antony Hämäläinen..