Author: Terry Craven

A former reviewer and member of the Classic Rock Society having been involved since its early days. .Enjoys virtually all forms of music but first real love is Progressive Rock. Top three band, in no particular order, are Pink Floyd, Rush and the mighty Judas Priest.

Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook – Outland (Cold Spring/CSR327BX)

Fans of electronica particularly drone and darkly ambient material will be delighted with this stunning and exciting 6CD boxset that pulls together all five releases in the Outland series by musicians Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook. Bill Laswell is an American bass player, producer and record label owner and has achieved legendary status across so..

Zhiva – Into The Eye Of The Storm (Pride & Joy Music)

Zhiva is a female fronted hard rock band from Sweden and was initially formed in 2001 by the pairing of vocalist Anette Johansson and multi-instrumentalist Mats Edström. The band originally used the name Shiva with three albums being released up to the project closing in 2006 with the pair reuniting in 2016 but now with..

Vambo – II (Pride & Joy Music)

I imagine that in secret laboratories across the world teams of scientists are working to crack the enigma of time-travel but they could save themselves a great deal of time simply by buying either of the two Vambo albums and they will find themselves immediately back in the 1970s! Vambo is a British hard rock..

Everdawn – Venera (frontiers Music)

Everdawn is a female fronted symphonic metal band hailing from New Jersey in the United States with Venera being the band's second release. This follows on from the debut Cleopatra which came out in 2021 and immediately marked them out as a band to keep a close watch on. The band began life in 2014..

Cassidy Paris – New Sensation (Frontiers Music)

Cassidy Paris is a young Australian guitarist/singer with New Sensation being her debut release which follows on from an already lengthy rock apprenticeship which means that at just 20 she has already built up a wealth of musical and life experiences to release a mature and well-crafted album. Part of Paris' development is down to..

Fifth Note – Here We Are (Frontiers Music)

India currently seems to be something of a happening place with rock bands aplenty breaking onto the European scene with Fifth Note being the latest new group joining the Frontiers label. Fifth Note hail from Kohima which is the capital of the Northeastern Indian state of Nagaland and is a relatively new unit having only..

Fate – Reissues (Frontiers Music)

Fate is a hard rock band formed in Denmark in 1984 and seems to be a group very much beloved by their fans but pretty much unknown by many so these three re-releases should go some way to addressing this injustice. The band came together in 1984 before disbanding in 1994 but they left behind..

Rozario – To The Gods We Swear (Pride & Joy Music)

Rozario is a new Norwegian power metal band put together by singer David Rosaro who had written several songs and needed a band to bring the material to life. He initially recorded several demos with guitarist Stein Hjertholm and drummer Per-Helge Bruvoll but then Covid came along which allowed the three musicians the critical time..

Schattenmann – Dia de Muertos (AFM Records)

The German Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH) band Schattenmann has quickly built up a solid reputation as a hardworking and equally hard rocking industrial rock band and it is fair to say that the mighty Rammstein most certainly opened the door in the UK (and worldwide) for some truly exception alt, techno and industrial rock bands..