Author: Steve Pilkington

Former editor of the CRS magazine 'Rock Society'. Presenter of weekly radio show A Saucerful Of Prog on Rock Radio UK. Author of several music biographies. 70s throwback...

HAWKWIND – Stories From Time And Space (Cherry Red)

Back in the '70s, nobody would have ever in their wildest dreams thought that the resolutely counter-culture anti-heroes of Hawkwind would ever have ended up with over 50 years of history and the arguable tag of 'national treasure'. Hell, the band would most probably have sneered at the very suggestion in those halcyon days. Yet..

British Composer Kyle Sevenoaks Channels Cyberpunk 2077 In New Single ‘You Are Not Gods’

British composer Kyle Sevenoaks released his brand new single You Are Not Gods on March 22nd, 2024. The track, which was heavily inspired by the videogame Cyberpunk 2077, features Sevenoaks’ traditional penchant for crushingly heavy guitars, throbbing electronics, and gut rumbling vocals. Speaking about the track, Sevenoaks said the following: 'This song was inspired heavily..