Author: Steve Pilkington

Former editor of the CRS magazine 'Rock Society'. Presenter of weekly radio show A Saucerful Of Prog on Rock Radio UK. Author of several music biographies. 70s throwback...

CERI JUSTICE – Walk In Shadow

Thunder [is] perhaps the pick of the album for me. It traverses different moods, alternating laid-back calm with dramatic, sweeping majesty in a beautiful study in contrasting emotional heft. It hits the spot and then some. This is an interesting one and no mistake. Another of those 'who is this, I wonder?' releases which land..

SIMON McBRIDE – The Fighter (EarMusic)

On the basis of this record [McBride] isn't going to leave anyone disappointed with his time in Purple, and there is enough to suggest that he can put just a little bit of his own stamp on proceedings as well. If the name 'Simon McBride' causes you to prick your ears up, that will be..

TOYAH – TOYAH! TOYAH! TOYAH! (CD/DVD Edition) (Cherry Red)

These reissues are a long-overdue reassessment of Toyah's early-'80s output, and reaffirm just how much depth and sheer great musicianship and songwriting there was to her catalogue. The deluxe Toyah reissue series reaches its third instalment here, with this 1980 live album getting the treatment. It is slightly confusing now, as a later compilation album..

Band photo: Steve Gullick

HEADSWIM Announce ‘Flood #Redux’ and reform for intimate show

Trapped Animal records have announced the return of '90s legends Headswim, with a reissue of their seminal psych-grunge masterpiece, Flood, on 7 October 2022.  Released on double vinyl and double CD, this deluxe re-issue will feature previously un-released BBC sessions, studio B-sides and experiments by the band and their mad scientist friends on Disc Two!  To celebrate the release, Headswim’s..

WINTER IN EDEN – Social Fake (Cherry Red)

The sound - courtesy of Steve Johnson's production - is immense... It grabs you around the head and gets your attention like the musical equivalent of Judge Death opening his helmet visor on you. It's been a long time now since North-East of England prog-metal band Winter In Eden released an album - in fact,..