Author: Steve Pilkington

Former editor of the CRS magazine 'Rock Society'. Presenter of weekly radio show A Saucerful Of Prog on Rock Radio UK. Author of several music biographies. 70s throwback...

DAVE CURETON – State Of Mind

[In Puppets Dream] at just after the five minute mark, when the guitar solo comes in, you should check whether you are playing air guitar. If not, you may require medical attention. Or already be deceased. Dave Cureton. You know that name, right? Well, if not, you certainly should. Dave is, of course, a founding..

GONG – The Old Courts, Wigan, 11 March 2022

[You Can't Kill Me is] a brilliant rendition, so tightly played that all of the tricky time changes and false starts and ends are executed with the precision of a Swiss watch-maker, while the familiar propulsive riff and defiant chorus are flung out in a way that leaves no doubt that this particular Gong can..

KALLE WALLNER – Voices (Gentle Art Of Music)

The final track, at eleven minutes plus, could not go anywhere else on the record as it is without doubt the grandest and most traditionally anthemic piece of all, happy in its beautifully widescale pomp and circumstance. This is a Big Prog Piece, capitals absolutely intentional. It knows what it is and it revels in..

URIAH HEEP – Picture Disc Vinyl Reissues (BMG)

[Demons And Wizards] has the classic Roger Dean cover artwork on the front, with a slight variation on the back featuring a different band logo. Once again, every detail is crystal clear, right down to the wizard's (real) butterfly wings. You remember picture disc vinyl when it first made an appearance, around the turn of..