March 31, 2022

Autumn’s Child is another fine melodic rock band hailing from Sweden and it has a very interesting history behind it with this now being the bands third album following on from the mighty fine Angel’s Gate in 2020 and the self-titled debut album in 2019.

The band was put together by the talented Swedish singer songwriter Mikael Erlandsson who is a successful solo artist as well as singer with Secret Service and the simply wonderful Last Autumns Dream which he formed with the German guitarist Andy Malecek from the heavy metal band Fair Warning. Last Autumns Dream released some 15 albums before being put on hold in 2018 which them allowed Erlandsson the time to develop his latest band Autumn’s Child. He brought in Jona Tee on keyboards (H.E.A.T), drummer Robban Bäck (ex-Eclipse), keyboardist and acoustic guitar player Claes Andreasson (Heartbreak Radio) and the delicious guitarist Pontus Åkesson (Moon Safari) and bass courtesy of the guest musicians Joel Starander and Peter Samuelsson with the sumptuous voice of Erlandsson being the icing on the cake! Together, they produced a most excellent debut of smooth and inspirational classic melodic rock along the lines of Bad Company, Thin Lizzy and Journey which sounds a little strange but it really does define their sound. The band was tweaked a little for album number two with Robban Bäck (drums) and Pontus Åkesson (guitar) being retained with Jona Tree now just playing keyboard solos on just two tracks with Mikael Erlandsson being the main keyboard player and bass from Johan Strömberg. They continued the good work began with the debut and Angel’s Gate proved to be an exceptional melodic rock album full of slow burning rock songs and epic, anthemic ballads. Indeed, the album could be summed up by just one word, class!

Now we come to the band’s third album on which Erlandsson increases his musical involvement by adding guitar and keyboards alongside his voice with Pontus Åkesson on lead guitar, Robban Bäck on drums, Claes Andreasson on piano and Magnus Rosen on bass. As previously, there are several guests with Jona Tee with a keyboard solo on Emergency, Sayit Dölen plays rhythm guitar on High On Love and Martin Olsson plays bass on Angel Of Danger, Evangeline, Love Is A Fighter and Nightingale. We then have Anna-Mia Bonde on backing vocals on Emergency, Rasmus Ehrnborn (Soilwork, Night Flight Orchestra) on guitar on Don’t Wanna and Roberth Nygren plays acoustic guitar on Heaven Can Wait. Quite a few musicians have therefore been involved on this new album and all have added their own particular touches of class to an exception and simply perfect melodic/AOR album. The record features some brilliantly written songs with all of the expected hooks and lots of amazing vocal harmonies with Mikael Erlandsson again baring his soul for all to see and Pontus Åkesson again showing just what a highly skilled and technically brilliant guitarist he is.

If mature and sophisticated AOR is your thing then you simply have to check out the sublime Autumn’s Child as there is so much to savour and relish here.


  1. Emergency (5:12)
  2. Evangeline (5:15)
  3. Love Is A Fighter (3:47)
  4. Nightingale (5:21)
  5. Never Say Die (4:19)
  6. Heaven Can Wait (4:56)
  7. Angel Of Danger (4:32)
  8. High On Love (4:57)
  9. Crowdpleaser (4:27)
  10. Don’t Wanna (4:24)
  11. Damaged Goods (4:54)