February 18, 2023

Following the release of their much acclaimed, chart-topping studio album, Death, Where Is Your Sting (October 2022, AFM Records), Swedish doom rock act AVATARIUM will not only embark on a European tour with SWALLOW THE SUN this Spring, but has just premiered a new music video for the album opening track A Love Like Ours

Says Marcus Jidell: “This song was created together with one of the world’s most interesting and skilled cello players, Svante Henryson. When I was a teenager I saw him play one of Bach’s cello suites on a Yngwie Malmsteen concert, all alone on the big stage. I have loved his talent ever since and it’s an honour to work with him! I also hope you’ll enjoy this video, created by Niklas Palmklint and Jennie-Ann Smith, as much as I do.” 

Almost 10 years ago, Candlemass legend Leif Edling made the doom metal world a darker and ultimately more interesting place with new band, AVATARIUM. Edling eventually left AVATARIUM‘s ranks due to health issues, but the band forged onward, and 2022 seen them capping off a prolific decade with their fifth studio album, Death, Where Is Your Sting, that is available at this location.

Ever since their impressive debut, AVATARIUM operated with the keywords “dark”, “heavy” and “poetic”, which best describes the Swedish outfit at its core. Yet they are somewhat unique within doom metal, fronted by Jennie-Ann, unintentionally breaking genre boundaries. She has learned a lot from working with Leif Edling, whom she affectionately refers to as The Master Of Doom, and Death, Where Is Your Sting, marks the first time Smith has written all the lyrics for an album. This is significant in that lyrics have always inspired the song arrangements in AVATARIUM.

Death, Where Is Your Sting was written over a two-year period, during the global pandemic. The album was produced by Marcus Jidell, mixed by Mats Valentin and Jidell, and was mastered by Svante Forsbäck.


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