September 13, 2021

Band Of Spice is a Swedish hard rock band which was formed in 2010 by the singer and guitarist Christian Sjöstrand aka Spice with By The Corner OF Tomorrow being the band’s fourth album. Spice may be known to many of you as the original singer with the awesome Spiritual Beggars the heavy rock/stoner outfit formed by Michael Arnott of Arch Enemy fame and he featured on the band’s first four albums before moving onto pastures new.

The first Band Of Spice album came out in 2010 and pretty much saw a style very similar to the Spiritual Beggars and is very much an impressive stoner rock album. There were a number of changes in personnel in the early days with the band now reverting to a straight forward three piece with Spice on vocals and guitar, Alexander Sekulovski on bass and drummer Bob Ruben who has been with the band since its inception.

There are a number of albums that hit you immediately and this is such a one as you are hooked immediately when the power chords of the opening track The Fading Spot kick in and you are blown away in a frenzy of riff fuelled metal that is relentless and this continues throughout the album. The sound is definitely retro and that is purely intentional as Spice declares that he was constantly listening to Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell and Ozzy’s Blizzard Of Ozz and it is so obvious that they have been influential to him throughout his career and most certainly on this new album. The album screams “Black Sabbath!” but with a twist and the clever mixture of stoner and metal makes this album pure gold. Spice has that swagger that all true rock showmen have and his guitar prowess is amazing as he riffs and solos incessantly but all within a melodic framework that keeps the album heavy but in control. The bass work of Sekulovski and drumming of Ruben is exemplary and they keep the tempo set to maximum which allows Spice to treat us to a real rock and roll masterclass.

Some albums are growers but this new work by Band Of Spice hits you instantly and, amazingly, gets better and better with each play and trust me on this as you will play it again and again. By The Corner Of Tomorrow has it all and will give any rock fan a metal fix to last a lifetime as the singer and guitarist is hugely charismatic and he is ably supported by a rhythm section that is immense. The songs are perfect slices of metal heaven that hit straight between the eyes and are intense and direct. The last track, Rewind The Wind, sees the band slowing things down a little with a beautiful piece that would not look out of place on Master Of Reality or Vol. 4, real praise indeed. This then is the calm before the storm because you simply have to play the album again and away you will go on the never ending journey of delight.

By The Corner Of Tomorrow track list

  1. The Fading Spot (5:35)
  2. Call out Your Name (5:47)
  3. Tehom (1:23)
  4. The Sharp Edge (4:19)
  5. By the Corner of Tomorrow (4:00)
  6. Midnight Blood (5:53)
  7. Reglutina (5:38)
  8. Cold Flames (4:53)
  9. Rewind the Wind (4:15)