October 28, 2021

If you are looking for subtlety, refinement and a relaxing time then look elsewhere as this is Beast In Black; a band that only knows how to play one way and that is loud, fast and furious. In truth, this band offers everything that is good about power metal in that they truly rock big style, have a singer who is the human equivalent of an air raid warning, a rhythm section that shatters planets and guitarists that shred big style, what more can you want?

Photo: Jarmo Katila/Toni Kilpinen

The band formed in Finland in 2015 when guitarist Anton Kabanen quit Battle Beast with Beast In Black pretty much following the same musical template being inspired by all things manga/anime and, more specifically, the Berserker series. The group became something of a pan-European outfit with musicians coming in from Greece and Hungary with 2017’s debut, Berserker, being a gloriously over the top power metal album touched by both genius and madness and was exactly what you want from your power metal bands. All of the musicians bought into the project rock big style and the band scored very highly by bringing in Greek singing sensation Yannis Popadopoulos, a frontman who would grace any band on the planet. Second guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen combines perfectly with Kabanen but they manage to stay on the right side of excess as there is so much else happening on the album and they allow the music to develop organically.

Keyboards seem to feature more on this album than the two previous affairs with Kabanen showing his versatility as he supplies the keys too and be prepared for a surprise as there is a real disco beat in the background driving the music onwards and upwards. Mate Molnar on bass and new drummer Atte Palokangas He replaced the outgoing Sami Hänninen) make one hell of a team in the engine room with Palokangas sounding as though he gets through a drum kit every session!

There is still a Battle Beast element to the band’s sound plus Judas Priest and Accept too but with album number three Beast In Black is truly carving out its own unique sound and place in the rock firmament. The music remains heavy, loud and proud but contains all of the melody and great hooks that we have come to expect and is a neat way for the band to complete the three album story arc behind the concept trilogy that Kabanen has created. Let’s see what story comes next but it surely has to be something manga based? The band seems to have taken a large step towards symphonic metal too and the style really does suit them as they put everything that they have into the mix to create a truly monumental metal album and it will be interesting to see what the fans make of the enhanced electro sound which, to me at least, really adds to the band’s attraction.

There is so much happening within the music too and you keep picking up new delights with each listen. The album closes with a couple of covers with a storming version of Manowar’s Battle Hymn and, rather surprisingly, an inspired cover of Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About us on which Yannis Popadopoulos is simply amazing, have a listen and see what you think. I expect Beast In Black to provide music that is huge, over the top and totally in your face and the boys have again delivered exactly what we want and need!

Dark Connection

  1. Blade Runner (4:08)
  2. Bella Donna (3:53)
  3. Highway To Mars (5:14)
  4. Hardcore (3:34)
  5. One Night In Tokyo (3:07)
  6. Midnight Rendezvous (5:39)
  7. Revengeance Machine (4:09)
  8. Dark New World (3:58)
  9. To The Last Drop Of Blood (3:55)
  10. Broken Survivors (4:26)
  11. My Dystopia (5:52)
  12. Battle Hymn (Manowar cover) (6:55)
  13. They Don’t Care About Us (Michael Jackson cover) (4:33)