June 7, 2021

Beastwood is an American rock band that merges a very heavy stoner sound with a muddy grunge underscore to give a somewhat down tuned, maniacal, riff heavy and intense sound that sweeps all before it. They play with a swagger and something of a southern boogie strut although their home base in Casper, Texas is a long way from the Deep South.

They have two full albums in the bank already with several EPs too and this latest EP features just the four tracks for 14 minutes of hard rock mayhem. The vocals are deep but not dirty and suit the bands hard and riff heavy sound that is probably best served with beer and bourbon chasers in some little back street bar; this is America in the raw and not the glossy country we see on the TV where everyone is beautiful and drives expensive cars in some cornered off little paradise community!

Think Clutch, Alabama Thunderpussy or maybe even Corrosion Of Conformity to get a flavour of what Beastwood offer. If you like your metal to throb and pulse and be downright dirty then Beastwood is the perfect band for you.

The Long Road To Ho track list

  1. Electric Gangbang (3:04)
  2. Denim Venom (3:00)
  3. Girls Of Gold (3:39)
  4. Degenerated (4:07)