April 30, 2021

Bend The Future is a new rock band that only formed in 2019 which comes from the beautiful city of Grenoble in France. Being a French band they do it their way which is typical of the Gallic approach to music i.e. they do not follow trends or fads as they produce what is in their collective soul’s and they always take you on a true musical journey. They released their debut album, Pendellösung, in the same year as they formed and have now rapidly followed it up with their latest, Without Notice, which is a truly superior jazz rock album that incorporates progressive rock, funk and wonderful free form jazz so that you basically get a damn near perfect album of progressive jazz that hints at Return To Forever but with, maybe, just a little less of the fusion excesses of that wonderful project.

I’m still reeling from the shock news of the death of Chick Corea, a true musical giant, and I cannot help but feel that the great man is looking down on Bend The Future and nodding his head in appreciation. The album is a pleasing mixture of long instrumental passages and softly sung vocals from some truly superb musicians with Can Yildirim (guitars/vocals/bass/synths), Rémi Pouchain (bass), Pierre-Jean Ménabé (alto-saxophone) and Piel Pawlowski (drums), Samy Chebre (keyboards) and Nemo Pawlowski (soprano saxophone). It’s as if John Coltrane has decided to go all electric and persuaded Allan Holdsworth to join the band too and the musicians on this album really are in this sort of class. The guitar is wonderful, superbly crafted and delivered with such style and panache. Combine this with esoteric keyboards and synths plus eclectic and moving saxophone and you have a thrilling jazz album that truly rocks at the same time.

In many respects, Bend The Future remind me very much of The Amnesiac Quartet, the alternative jazz rock band from Paris that has released a couple of truly amazing albums where they have delivered jazz versions of Radiohead songs and I just love it when the band gives that little something extra to make them truly special.

If you have a love or even a passing interest in jazz then you have to hear this album as it is wonderfully moving and on a different level of genius altogether. Sometimes music just does not get better than this.

Without Notice track list

  1. Lost In Time (7:16)
  2. As We Parry (5:24)
  3. Merely (6:44)
  4. We Aim Higher (8:17)
  5. Miniature (3:15)
  6. Mus (4:41)
  7. Without Notice (4:42)