February 16, 2023

Big City is a Norwegian heavy melodic rock band with Sunwind Sails being their fourth album following on from the very impressive Testify X which was released in 2021.

The band is the brainchild of the guitarist and songwriter Daniel Olaisen (Blood Red Throne/Scariot) and he quickly brought in fellow Scariot guitarist Frank Ørland and Frank Nordeng Røe from Withem on drums. Jan Le Brandt was the original singer with Geir Inge Olsen supplying bass on a session basis with both later departing which then allowed fellow Withem bassist Miguel Pereira to join with the impressive Jørgen Bergersen coming in on vocals for the Testify X album.

The band plays a stunning hard rock with strong elements of melodic rock so have a similar style to bands like Dare, Ten, fellow Norwegians TNT and Europe which is probably no surprise as they seem to be the template for so many Scandinavian bands. They have a delicious multi-layered sound which gives an underlying complexity whilst still remaining immediately accessible with the twin guitars working overtime to lay down amazing solos and crunching riffs over which Bergersen provides his magic. If you haven’t heard him yet then prepare to be amazed by his power, range and sheer dynamism as he gives a real masterclass of epic proportions and is at the heart of everything that is good about Big City. He was, of course, the voice of a Europe covers band so he is used to performing the big, anthemic rock songs and equally adept at the occasional power ballad too.

Testify X was a brilliant album but Sunwind Sails sees the band taking huge steps forward as they have released a real killer record that melds rock and AOR to perfection with stunning vocals and outstanding guitar interplay. This is, quite simply, a must have record and will delight all those fortunate enough to hear it.

Sunwind Sails

  1. I’m Somebody (6:07)
  2. Sons Of Desire (4:54)
  3. Human Mind (6:08)
  4. Collin’s Looking For A Hideout (4:08)
  5. Diamond In The Rough (4:33)
  6. Now (3:35), After The Raid (4:13)
  7. Sunwind Sails (4:55)
  8. Silver Line (6:13)
  9. Sparks Of Eternity (5:25)