July 20, 2021

Big City is a band that I haven’t come across before but they have been around for something like ten years and have released three albums to date including this new one, Testify X. The band specialises in harder edged melodic rock and have something of Dare, Ten and, of course, Europe plus even elements of Skid Row in their multi-layered sound with stunning vocals and amazing guitar being the band’s key armaments.

There have been a few changes since the bands inception and they now line up with Jørgen Bergersen on vocals, Frank Ørland on lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, Daniel Olaisen on rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars, Miguel Pereira on bass guitar and Frank Nordeng Røe on drums and percussion. The publicity states that the musicians involved have a diverse range of influences from ‘from jazz/fusion to extreme metal’ but all came together through a desire to play ’80s influenced hard melodic rock and it is so obvious that the influences on them have been many but they have all been absorbed into the bands collective psyche. This then has allowed the band to carve its own niche in the genre and a very exciting and impressive niche it is too.

The band was actually formed by the guitarist Daniel Olaisen as an outlet for very many songs that he had written over the years and he soon brought in some very talented musicians to bring these songs to life with the debut, Wintersleep, in 2013 which was a quite fabulous album with the vocalist Jan Le Brandt being a truly stand out asset and one with raw emotion stamped on his heart and a quality singer to make you sit up and truly listen. Sadly, Le Brand has now left the band and this is the first album with new singer Jørgen Bergersen and he brings his own kind of magic to the band and the baton has been well and truly passed on. It seems that he was previously in a Europe covers band and he has the sort of voice that lends itself to rock with just a little more power behind it. At times there are also moments when the band ventures into TNT and then Deep Purple territory as they take old school hard rock and polish it up like a diamond to give it that rather slick and melodic touch.

Big City is one of those cross–genre bands that will appeal across all forms of hard rock as they play with real style and authority and when the guitarists let rip then you know you are in the presence of something special. Indeed, it is easy to be seduced by the bands melodic side as this does disguise the fact that they are a seriously good heavy metal band. Give this new album a listen as I believe that you will be seriously impressed.

Testify X track list

  1. The Rush (5:34)
  2. Dark Rider (4:28)
  3. Testify (4:11)
  4. I Will Fall (4:12)
  5. Running Away (5:17)
  6. Conception (5:04)
  7. Winds Of The Road (4:56)
  8. Heart’s Like A Lion (5:12)
  9. Graveyard Love (5:40)
  10. How Dark Does It Get (7:30)