December 22, 2020

Black Paisley is a Swedish rock band formed in Stockholm by singer, guitarist and songwriter Stefan Blomqvisit in 2014. Rambler is the bands third album and should continue the good work that has been done previously in raising the bands profile and increasing the fan base.

Very much a classical rock band with a hint of melodic rock too but they fall very firmly in Thin Lizzy territory and you can tell that Lynott and his various crews have been instrumental in the bands development and there is also a flavour of Bad Company too. This should give the band a retro feel but the classic rock of the ’70s and particularly the above mentioned bands was always timeless and still sound new, fresh and vibrant and waiting to be discovered again but each new generation.

There has been a couple of changes in the band with the leader, obviously, being ever present on lead vocals and guitar as is bassist Jan Emanuelsson with drummer Robert Karaszi now returning to the fold and the new guitarist Franco Santunione (Electric Boys) replaces Ulf Hedin. There has been one further departure too with keyboard player Robban Wirensjö also moving on to pastures new. I haven’t heard the two previous albums but the new revised line-up gives the band a rockier guitar driven classic rock edge. Stefan Blomqvist is a great frontman with a wonderful classic rock voice and the new guitarist is an excellent addition with his Lizzy type lead breaks.

The songs are well written, delivered with passion and full of hooks making this an album that has an immediate impact. It is only a short album with just the eight tracks and only 32 minutes in length but it has the necessary quality so all is not that bad. Rambler is a great rock album but perhaps a tad too much Lizzy inspired but they were a great and very popular band so there will still be a huge demand for bands like Black Paisley but they do need to broaden out the style a little if they are to make it big throughout the rest of the world. If bands like Inglorious and Black Star Riders ring your bell then there is much here to impress and find rock delight in.

Rambler track list

  1. Damned (3:59)
  2. Without Us (4:14)
  3. Higher Love (3:38)
  4. Save The Best (3:53)
  5.  Timeless Child (3:33)
  6. Take Me To The River (4:07)
  7. Falling (4:16)
  8. Give It Up (4:10)