February 21, 2020

Wow, wow, wow, get ready to be blown away by the latest Frontiers project!!!! I must admit that I started to get a little over-excited when I saw the line-up for this new band and when you see the names of Robin McAuley (lead vocals), Reb Beach (guitars), Jeff Pilson (bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards) and Matt Starr (drums) then you know that 100% satisfaction is going to be guaranteed. If you need further reasoning then simply list the bands that these musicians have graced with Robin McAuley in the McAuley Schenker Group, Reb Beach in Winger/Whitesnake, Jeff Pilson in Foreigner, The End Machine, Dokken, drummer Matt Starr in Ace Frehley/Mr. Big, come on, these guys can rock big style.

The album title is Shake The World and this is exactly what they will do with this storming heavy metal album that is a sprawling monster full of power and majesty. Think Rainbow, Whitesnake, Journey, Dio and some of the bands mentioned above but all with a modern vibe and you will get some idea of what is happening. This is very much a classic, in every meaning of the work, rock album with a set of direct and incessant songs that are all immediately accessible played by as talented a team of musicians as you will ever meet and every one of them working to the benefit of the band, this is a perfect example of synchronicity in action. The key word is melodic and once you have this basic principle then you can be as heavy as you wish and it all sounds so much in control. Stunning lead guitar breaks from Reb Beach and as many riffs as you’ll ever want to hear over which Robin McAuley shows just what a powerful set of lungs he has and why he is held in such high regard as a leading rock vocalist. The vocal harmonies impress to with McAuley, Beach and Pilson all combining top great effect.

Great songs, superior musicians and not an ego in sight, the boys have got together to produce a monster melodic rock album and one that you will want to play again and again and again, truly thrilling.