November 11, 2022

BlackBeer is a new heavy rock band from France which only formed last year and is made up by a truly multi-national team of musicians from Venezuela, Argentinan and France.

This self-titled album is the debut release and a strong, confident and mature release it is too. It’s a record with its roots very much in ’70s and ’80s metal with a number of clear influences showing with the traditional rock of Deep Purple, the blues influenced vibes of Whitesnake and the swashbuckling swagger of David Lee Roth led Van Halen. This all makes for metal with an old-school feel but with all the vigour and frantic energy of more recent rock bands. The record feels just so warm and inviting that it is almost impossible to believe that this is the bands first release as the musicians are just so with it and together, clearly there is a great deal of telepathy in their playing together. Successful albums are also reliant on strong material and these guys can certainly write a great tune with engaging lyrics and plenty of melody throughout to keep you interested and on-board.

The first thing that hits you is the quality of Ivรกn Sencion with his perfect rock voice which has a delivery pitched somewhere between David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio and he has such power too. Indeed, this man had a voice that would grace the great Deep Purple themselves but BlackBeer is the band lucky to have him at the moment but I can confidently predict that this is a man destined for greatness. Sencion is also the singer for the Argentine hard rock band Watchmen and was also the singer with the heavy metal band Jeriko so he has a well-established pedigree which shines through on these recordings. They are a twin-guitar band which always puts me in raptures with Emmy Reyes (ex-Ancient Settlers) and Bertrand Cape being exceptionally talented and working in perfect harmony with stunning guitar breaks which are so fluid and thrilling. Emil Reyes (bass) and Sylvain Vidal (drums) provide the so solid platform for the other three to shine but they are every bit as integral to the bands impressive sound. There is a real back story to the band with Emil and Emmy being brothers and formerly members of the Venezuelan power metal band Gamalyel but left the country for political reasons as also did Sencion. If you then add in that Emmy Reyes also served 8-years in the Foreign Legion then you have a band that truly has a story to tell.

They have begun the narrative well with this debut which is an amazing slab of hard rock that is going to win them many friends and to hear it is to love it.

Take My Freedom

  1. Intro (1:07)
  2. The Night Is Ready (3:45)
  3. Take The Freedom (3:05)
  4. The King Of Water (4:09)
  5. The Gift (4:15)
  6. Now Or Never (3:57)
  7. Angel (3:41)
  8. Turn Off The Pain (3:31)
  9. Sweet Life (4:49)
  10. Hot Demon (4:30)