March 27, 2023

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Blind Oath is a new band, operating under the NWOTHM tag, although there are some nuances, which we will stress at later. Their self-titled debut album was released on March 17th through Horton Records and just one glance at the cover artwork and killer band logo speaks volumes of what you should expect. The music is traditional metal, with some thrashy riffing adding heaviness and the rough, unmelodic vocals of Cronos-like vocals of Eric Miller, which may be an acquired taste for some.

Most of the songs are short and to-the point, rarely exceeding the three-minute mark, perhaps deliberately aiming at a punkish attitude and punch. There’s definitely an influence from Cirith Ungol too, which makes the guest appearance of Tim Baker on The Flame a fantastic idea. The strongest feature of Blind Oath’s style of metal are the guitar parts of Mitch Gilliam and Rob Gutierrez, and even more – the great, sometimes even over-the-top soloing in songs such as Emerald Assault, Ride Of Eleanor or Black School. Blind Oath was produced by the Night Demon guitarist Armand John Anthony, who has done a great job at making the band’s sound shine where it should.

I am sorry to say that, but what just doesn’t work for me in this bunch of songs are the vocals, which, for me, don’t suit the style very well. Sometimes I found myself enjoying the guitars and riff transitions, before the vocals pop up and then it’s all ruined. Again – this could be something that’s not a detriment but just the opposite for some of you, so give these guys a chance if you’re tired of spinning your early Venom and Cirith Ungol records.


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