August 7, 2021

Norwegian death metal band Blood Red Throne have pulled back the curtain on a decimating new song titled Conquered Malevolence. The vicious track is featured on the impending 10th album Imperial Congregation, due out October 8th via Nuclear Blast. 

Founding guitarist Daniel Olaisen comments on the song: Conquered Malevolence started with Meathook showing me a cool riff of his. I modified it a bit, and it became the opening riff of this kick ass tune. It has some classic death metal riffs and this really tasty solo. The lyrics are about growing your individual strength. Learning not to live for anything else, be it religious, material or simply popularity.”

Imperial Congregation track list

  1. Imperial Congregation
  2. Itika
  3. Conquered Malevolence
  4. Transparent Existence
  5. Inferior Elegance
  6. We All Bleed
  7. 6:7
  8. Consumed Illusion
  9. Hero-Antics
  10. Zarathustra

With over 25 years and 10 albums soon to be under their belt, Blood Red Throne are dedicated to the continual delivery of straight forward, exceptional death metal with Imperial Congregation being no exception. “This time around we’ve made something new and fresh in our sound. We felt it from the very first song that was written; this will take us to a whole different level in terms of arrangements, riffs, vocals… everything. We are super-excited to share this with our fans, and in cooperation with the greatest label ever,” says Olaisen.

Imperial Congregation delivers quality, old school sound while reflecting in part upon the self righteous nature of humanity and its incessant need to destroy itself through power, ignorance and religion. “We live outside this system,” explains Olaisen. “We don’t join in on the sheep mentality. Create your own possibilities, be responsible for your own misery or success!” 

The haunting, organic album artwork was designed by the infamous Marcelo Vasco. The image displays a flock of old, religious men as they meet in secrecy to design the laws of lower society. “Many of our lyrics deal with our skepticism of religion, and of mankind in general. Be free or be dead,” says Olaisen. “Two gigantic skeletons tower over the men of worship as they dictate human fate by candlelight.”

Daniel “Død” Olaisen – Guitar
Ivan “Meathook” Gujic – Guitar
Freddy “the Shred” Bolsø – Drums
Stian “Gunner” Gundersen – Bass
Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen – Vocals