October 11, 2023

Those of a certain age and younger music fans with a discerning eye and ear will already know of the American musician Brian Setzer for his amazing band The Stray Cats that made a huge impression in the UK in the ’80s as they re-introduced rockabilly to the mainstream and did it with a coolness that defied description. Some may have thought that the Stray Cats would be one-hit wonders but with a musician of the class of Setzer at the helm then this was never going to be so and the fact that he has gone on to have a huge solo career as well as running the 19-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra shows the impact that he has had.

Photo: Russ_Harrington

Brian Setzer’s latest solo album, The Devil Always Collects, continues the good work last seen with 2021’s Gotta Have The Rumble with Setzer revelling in a glorious 100mph rockabilly meets rock ‘n’ roll with a delicious twist of Americana that shows when it comes to delivering all-action and groovily infection rock music then Setzer is in a class of his own.

This is an album of music that may be rooted in the ’50s and ’60s when times were much simpler and far more fun but it is music that never dates and remains just as popular today as it was in those halcyon days. Come on, if you are a 3-time Grammy award winners and sold over 13-million albums then you are doing something right! Brian has a perfect vocal delivery and a style guaranteed to get you up and jiving (even if you cannot jive) and his guitar playing is simply phenomenal. If proof of this were ever needed then simply check out the Stray Cats album Rockabilly Rules – At Their Best…Live which is a stunning album and features Setzer’s guitar work at its very best and showing him to be a rival to any heavy metal shredder on the planet.

As with all Brian Setzer’s other work, The Devil Always Collects is chocked fully of rockabilly goodies which showcase Setzer’s amazing songwriting skills and his simply perfect delivery that always delivers the musical goods. If you are in need of a tonic or a lift then this is the perfect feel-good album from a genuine music superstar.

The Devil Always Collects is out now on Surfdog Records

The Devil Always Collects

  1. Rock Boys Rock (3:06)
  2. The Devil Always Collects (2:59)
  3. Girl On The Billboard (3:54)
  4. The Living Dead (3:29)
  5. What’ll It Be Baby Doll? (4:31)
  6. Black Leather Jacket (4:39), She’s Got A Lotta… Soul! (3:25)
  7. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (4:33)
  8. A Dude’ll Do (What A Dude’ll Do) (3:28)
  9. Psycho Suzie (3:48)
  10. One Particular Chick (4:14)