December 22, 2020

Yet another heavy rock band from Sweden, Brick formed in 2014 in  and released the debut album Faceless Strangers in 2016. As a six piece, this is a most powerful band build around a very, very riff heavy sound provided by two talented guitarists and a superb rock vocalist with some quite sublime keyboard work to sweeten out the brutal and aggressive delivery.

There have been several changes within the band as the musicians have looked to develop and hone their own signature style and they now seem to be in a pretty good and healthy place. The band works well together and they have some quality musicians involved with Johan Hultgren on vocals, Matte Lilja and Fredrik Finnander on guitar, Gustav Widerquist on Keyboards, Erik Göransson on bass and Dado Hrnic on drums.

This is old school metal designed to get your blood pumping and head banging so expect plenty of fist shaking and compulsory air guitars as the band takes you on a riff-fest with a style and sound that comes across as a mixture of the brutality of Motorhead with some of the refinement of Thin Lizzy to provide contrast and allows the band to play some slower moments that even borders on the balledic. However, the primary aim is to get you up of your feet and swaying along with a band that delights in traditional metal played with great hunger and desire. We all have favourite music for different times and situations and sometimes you just need the sudden thrill of hard, driving rock and Brick deliver this magnificently.

No pretentions, no fanciful ideas of grandeur, just straight forward metal as it used to be delivered i.e. straight from the instruments then through the amps and then direct into your brain, primal for sure but most enjoyable.

Done Counting My Scars track list

  1. Done Counting My Scars (5:17)
  2.  America’s First (4:31)
  3. Beloved Congregation (4:49)
  4. Life’s Like (4:20)
  5. One Less Day (4:59)
  6. Shy Of Seventeen (4:16)
  7. I Am War (4:44)
  8. No. 1 Fan (5:38)
  9. Taking Turns (4:29)
  10. Turn To Gray (3:11)