October 28, 2022

Bring The Hoax is a rowdy, yet polished and entertainingly FUN entry in the annals of indie rock, despite what (in my humble opinion) is one of the worst album covers ever! The band is a fourpiece outfit hailing from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Karl Nordahl (guitar and vocals), Hasse Karlsson (guitars and vocals), Sara Engström (bass) and Mark Pettersson (drums). The self-titled debut collection Bring the Hoax infuses its indie rock/power pop songs with strong fuzzy guitars and delicately sweet melodies. The songs are held together by the glue of a raft of influences from the last decades of the 20th century, with hints of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill and Smashing Pumpkins to name but a few.

Karl and Hasse both grew up in Viksjö, north of Stockholm, Sweden, and were probably destined to become friends since they both were equally unable to resist the mesmerizing pull of the massive soundscapes coming out from the punk, indie and grunge-era of the 90s. When, many years later, they found their apartments to be just shy of a 100 metres apart, it was time to start making music together. The first time the name Bring the Hoax saw the light was in a dark hotel room without windows, in the basement of a cheap bed and breakfast in Rhodos, Greece, in 2010. They asked Mark (My God Damn Territory, Washing Machina), who Hasse had played with in a couple of bands and projects earlier, to join them on bass. Several drummers later, Mark took the seat himself behind the drums when Sara (Washing Machina, Dag och Natt, Tam Tapir) was able to join on bass.

the band in reflective mode!

Lövely Records signed this alt-rock band on the basis of their sweet melodies and fuzzed out guitars, colourful, energetic, and dynamic rock music. And they’ve got it bang-on, this is Rock with a smile on its face!

The EP opens with Los Angeles, perhaps the strongest track of the EP. It’s a joyously up-beat power-pop number, it somehow reminds me massively of Weezer’s Hash Pipe – full of bouncy, infectious fun but a really tight quartet. There’s also shades of Offspring in the tuneful energy level – all in all a really promising starter! As Hasse puts it, “Ever since we were kids we have adored a sweet and catchy melody wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket of guitar distortion” – and right there, you have the band sound!

1993 could be BTH’s take on Bryan Adams’ Summer of 1969. A nicely building melodic riff leads into a huge anthemic smorgasbord of chords, pounding drums, this is pretty heavy stuff! Smashing Pumpkins at their best, you will NOT be able to keep still!

Jonestown continues the 90’s theme – think Puddle of Mudd, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Rasmus… you get the vibe! All good big tuneful stuff !

Singles is slightly weaker, a slightly thinner sound lacking the “big sound” of the other tracks. Its more fuzzy, a slightly flat sound – but hey, its still not bad, very listenable. Races redeems them, as if I needed to say that! It’s a slower, darker, insidiously pounding track, an introduction of electronica that works really well. Still a massively melodic base, shades of Weezer again on a moody day! Lots of energy, lots of distorted harmony, it works!

Bring the Hoax was recorded by the band themselves, in rehearsal room and studio, and mixed by Markus Ingberg. The EP is released by Lövely Records on all streaming platforms on the 28th of October, 2022. 

To sum up – the EP Bring the Hoax offers five crackling power-pop tracks that among other things take you on a road trip to Mexico, a jungle trip in the deepest Guyana and all the way back to 1993. Taking inspiration from the massive soundscapes of the 90s and blending it with their own distinct, fresh sound, “Bring the Hoax” could be described as having all the right ingredients for power-pop on 2022 – Enjoy!!

“We’d like to think of our selves as business class indie rock” – Karl Nordahl