March 12, 2024

Revenant set loose their exhilirating debut EP What A Time To Be Alive on Friday, May 10, The contagious Southern rockersunveil their breathtaking new single and video which is out now.

With that in mind, we exclusively spoke to the band and asked them to give a breakdown of the key songs that have influenced their sound.

Sam (guitar/vocals)

BON JOVIBad Medicine: (from 1988’s New Jersey) “The chorus in this song is a prime example of how a rock song can be catchy AND have a fizzer of a riff. Revenant are all about the overdriven riffs combined with the singalong choruses – why not learn from the best?!”

Matt (Guitar)

MetallicaAin’t My Bitch (from 1996’s Load): “I am a huge Metallica fan but we’re not a thrash band so whenever my influence comes out in our music it always sounds like Load-era Metallica. Take a listen to The Masquerade by Revenant and you’ll hear what I mean.”

Carl (Drums)

Black Star RidersAll Hell Breaks Loose (from 2013’s All Hell Breaks Loose) “When the riffs and the vocal melodies were brought to the table I was into the approach that Jimmy DeGrasso took on this track. I know that Matt once met Scott Gorham and they exchanged some kind words so I wanted to give a nod of the head in that direction.”

Robin (Bass)

AerosmithSweet Emotion (from 1975’s Toys In The Attic) “To me Sweet Emotion has an incredibly powerful song throughout my time playing bass. The groove and feel laid out in that song by Tom Hamilton stands as the benchmark for my playing and it is my hope to try and pull some of that sensation into my playing whenever I pick up my bass.”

Band Choice

Chris StapletonSecond One To Know (from 2017’s From A Room: Volume 1) “When we approach song writing this song is a bit of a template for us .Straight in, no messing about, big riff, big vocals and we aren’t shy about letting it come through in our music.”

What A Time To Be Alive

  1. Coming Back To Life
  2. Draw The Lines
  3. The Healer
  4. The Masquerade
  5. Rolling On My Back.

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