May 12, 2024

British Deathcore mob Dead Flesh have unveiled their latest video for the single Swallowing Nails, which was released on March 29th, 2024. The track is taken from the band’s new EP, Dehumanise, released on April 28th, 2024.

Speaking about the track, the band have said:

‘Swallowing Nails is a sort of a reflection to some of the reactions myself (and people I’ve spoken to over the years) have had when talking to others about depression. Specifically with regards to being medicated, which is where the title Swallowing Nails comes from. The EP title Dehumanise also came from this track, having often felt like like my brain is being numbed, I’ve sometimes questioned if I’ve lost a sense of humanity.’

Speaking about their new EP, they continued:

Dehumanise is a personal dive into misery, depression, and the state of the world in its current form. Dead Flesh bring five tracks of brutality that give a stark representation of personal struggle.’

Dead Flesh are a five-piece deathcore band from Hertfordshire. Formed in 2021, Rich, Chris, Mike, Adam, and Nelly come from an experienced background of musical talent and the ambition to bring their unique deathcore sound, hellish lyrics, and breakneck energy to a wide audience across the UK.

They released their first self-titled single Dead Flesh in 2022, after working with Justin Paul Hill (SikTh), and became finalists in Hitchin’s Metal 2 the Masses, after less than a year of performing together.