January 23, 2022

Brood of Hatred is a Tunisian Death Metal act founded in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki, with no specific boundaries on genre or philosophies, presenting haunting atmospheres that guide the listeners through a progressive journey of unconventional writing inspired by the strange state of mind that characterizes this one-man concept.

Muhammed Mêlki

The third album titled “The Golden Age” is a unique journey into the mind and soul of Brood Of Hatred, driven by the perfect Progressive Death Metal and Doom influenced soundtrack. It features 8 songs of heavy, technical, blistering and emotional landscapes.

Regarding the album concept as far as music and lyrics go, as well as the cover art, “The Golden Age is an album of musical and thematic growth. It develops a dark and cold atmosphere with elements of rhythmic play. The artwork reflects a parallel universe of post-apocalyptic revival” says Muhammed Mêlki.