November 30, 2019

This is the second release by the frenetic rockers Burnt Out Wreck and follows on from the excellent and hard hitting debut, Swallow, in 2017. The band features Gary Moat, formerly the drummer with ’80s Scottish hard rock outfit Heavy Pettin’, alongside Adrian Dunn (guitar), Alex Carmichael (bass), Miles Goodman (guitar) and Paul Gray on drums. Moat has moved on from the drums and now provides rhythm guitar and lead vocals and a revelation he is too.

This Is Hell continues the good time, old fashioned rock and roll template set with the debut as the album oozes style and class with Moat’s 40 a day drawl drawing comparisons with the thrilling vocals of fellow Scots Alex Harvey and Dan McCafferty with a healthy dose of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson too. The heavy and incessant riffing plus deep drawl very much puts Burnt Out Wreck in AC/DC territory and they sit very comfortably there which is testimony to their talent and skill. Do not expect anything overly complex here, just heavy riffing, thumping drums and bass and a set of songs that border the hard rock/boogie line.

This is a typical ’70s retro rock album which harks back to times that were far more simple i.e. guitars and drums and a vocalist made in rock heaven but with one foot in hell too. No fashion chasing trends here, simply timeless rock and roll that needs to be played at maximum volume with enjoyment guaranteed.