June 2, 2021

The latest band to tap into the Manchester sound is Callow Youth, an indie band with a big sound, lot’s of attitude and the chops to back it all up.

Initial plays reveal a sort of Buzzcocks meets the Only Ones superior indie rock delivered with consummate ease and a real passion for the vibe. There is talk already about them being the ;next big thing; and these sort of expectations can stifle a band as much as encourage it but they seem to have the skill set, talent and ease of delivery to back it up and the four tracks on this EP show a band with a great maturity and a self confidence that shows that they could actually achieve greatness and follow very comfortably in the footsteps of some of those great Manchester bands that have gone on to achieve legendary status. These guys were still at school four years ago and have released several singles to date and even been picked by Steve Lamacq so are already on the radar and are definitely going places so catch them now while they are still learning their craft.

Busy, interesting and mature, this is fresh indie rock with broad spectrum appeal and they have definite radio friendliness that will auger well for their future.

Straight To The End track list

  1. Over Your Head (2:46)
  2. Be Alright (2:58)
  3. Really There (3:17)
  4. Straight To The End (4:22)