December 28, 2021

The starting point was 2009 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada when some friends began free-jamming for fun. However, the chemistry was right and things soon started to take off. In 2011 Machines Dream released their self-titled debut, which paid homage to progressive bands of the past and showcased a talent for writing memorable songs.

In 2012 the band signed to British label Sonic Vista/Aurovine and, in 2013, was taken on by Irish management company Progressive Gears. Their sophomore album – Immunity (released December 2014) – saw a band in transition, searching for its own voice and experimenting in the recording studio with a new line-up. 2017 found a band that had become confident, relaxed and focused on their new music, with a third album – Black Science – released on June 12th via Progressive Gears Records and finding favour globally. It was a resounding success and completely sold out.

Machines Dream now sounded like a group that knew who and what they wanted to be.

2019 saw the band celebrate its 10th anniversary and – to mark the occasion – the release of Revisionist History. This double CD brought together the self-titled debut and the sophomore album Immunity in one unique package. The 18 tracks include the fully-restored 26 minute epic Immunity with the two albums presented as they should have been originally and ‘missing’ tracks restored.
Everything was fully remixed (by Craig West) and remastered (by Will Geraldo) so that compositional ambition is rewarded with sonic richness.

Covid saw the band endure a period of hibernation and also undergo further personnel changes as original guitarist Keith Conway returned to the fold and Phil Greco took over drum duties from the departed Ken Coulter. In preparation for a new album in 2022, the six-piece line-up released a free/pay-what-you-want digital EP Earth on 25th December 2021 so reviving a tradition of putting out material on Christmas Day. The flood of orders showed that new and existing fans are hungry for more.

Their songs create atmosphere and tell stories with honesty, passion, and the occasional harpsichord or bassoon.

Progressive rock means many things to many people. To Machines Dream it means being themselves.

Rob Coleman: Electric Guitar
Keith Conway: Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Brian Holmes: Keyboards
Phil Greco: Drums
Jacob Rendell: Vocals
Craig West: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards

All music written by Machines Dream
All lyrics written by Craig West