December 17, 2021

I suppose that the name of Carl Sentance doesn’t mean too much to a lot of rock fans but start digging a little and you find he has been in and around the music business for many, many years. His career has been long and varied having began in 1977 as a singer and guitarist with him joining NWOBHM band Persian Risk which led him to appearing with Geezer Butler in his solo projects for a couple of years and then he moved onto the Welsh band Monroe. He then had a brief spell with Tok-io Rose before moving to America to form Ghost with the former UFO guitarist Paul Chapman. Sentance then moved into musical theatre and landed roles in Jesus Christ Superstar and Chess before joining Swiss band Krokus and he then did a couple of years touring with the Whole Lotta Metal Theatre. Carl must get itchy feet as next he teamed up with keyboard legend Don Airey And Friends for several albums and then attempted to reform the old band Persian Risk but when this proved impossible he created a new band under the name of Carl Sentance Persian Risk and released a couple of well received albums that are well worth checking out. Never one to stand still, Carl then became the new singer with Scottish legends Nazareth and you can hear him on the bands most excellent Tattooed On My Brain from 2018.

A busy man for sure and he has now found time to record his second solo record with Electric Eye being the sort of brilliant hard rock release you should expect from someone with his musical pedigree. He has produced the archetypal classic rock album suffused with glorious songs with harmonies that burrow into your brain and stay there so that this is an album that you will keep returning to. Carl has a rich and sumptuous voice that is gloriously mellow but the power is always there just waiting to erupt and when it does you certainly sit up and take notice. He is also a great guitarist too as the thrilling licks on this album show especially when he opens up with his mazy and emotional skills.

Sentance has put together a talented and experienced team to bring us Electric Eye with Bob Richards of Man fame on drums and the ubiquitous session man supreme Wayne Banks on bass with long time colleague and friend Don Airey on keyboards and with talent like that in the band then the quality of the music is most certainly assured. The album has a feel of old school classic rock and is testimony to his long career in the business yet it still sounds fresh and modern thanks to clean and crisp production and a set of musicians whom are the very embodiment of consummate professionals.

Carl Sentance has produced one of those class filled rock albums that is suitable for just about every occasion and it is always something special when a veteran road warrior still has the enthusiasm of a teenager as he pours all of his heart, soul and emotion into the recordings.

Electric Eye

  1. Judas (4:26)
  2. Alright (3:33)
  3. Electric Eye (4:20)
  4. Overload (3:20)
  5. Nervous Breakdown (4:10)
  6. Exile (4:44)
  7. Young Beggars (4:42)
  8. If This Is Heaven (3:50)
  9. Battlecry (4:05)
  10. California Queen (3:38)