December 28, 2023

Cassidy Paris is a young Australian guitarist/singer with New Sensation being her debut release which follows on from an already lengthy rock apprenticeship which means that at just 20 she has already built up a wealth of musical and life experiences to release a mature and well-crafted album.

Part of Paris’ development is down to being mentored by musician Paul Laine (ex-Danger Danger, The Defiants) from the age of 11 and this has most definitely impressed the principles of hard work and song craft into her work. Of course, it helps that she has been picked up by Frontiers which has allowed her access to a talented team of musicians and technical advice to allow her to produce a fine melodic rock album that draws close comparisons to the likes of Pat Benatar, Orianthi and Heart with the punchiness of Joan Jett and the attitude of a young Avril Lavigne.

Paris handles the vocals with aplomb and has a clear and defined delivery with just the right amount of raunchiness to give the music a real kick. Steve Janevski and Dave Graham lay down some great riffs and licks with Mirko De Maio keeping the pace flowing along on drums with the Frontiers stalwart Alessandro Del Vecchio supplying bass, keyboards, guitars and backing vocals.

Paris is a forthright, no-nonsense woman who knows what she wants and is a real force of nature and if she wants to be a star then nothing is going to stand in her way. There is an element of the Frontiers formula about the album which is no bad thing and she is a musician who will absorb ideas along the way and this up-tempo and thoroughly enjoyable melodic rock album is a fine way to start what I am sure will be a long a fruitful career.

New Sensation is available now on Frontiers Records