Marillion – Holidays In Eden deluxe edition (Parlophone)

The 'M' sections of music shelves worldwide have plumped up considerably over the last five years with the deluxe reissue series of Marillion's first eight albums. Anxious fans quickly lap up each collectible volume and bask in the warm radiance of their new stereo and surround mixes, bonus tracks, live concerts, documentaries, and video content...

Soilwork – Övergivenheten (Nuclear Blast)

It is often said that music is cyclic and while some sub-genres have died off and seen a renaissance, Swedish melodic death metal has been a constant presence that rejuvenates itself and is forward thinking as to creativity - something that has been at the heart of Helsingborg sextet Soilwork. Formed in 1995 by vocalist..

Majesty of Revival – Pinnacle (Massive Sound Recordings)

Ukrainian Progressive Metallers Majesty Of Revival launched their long-awaited fifth album Pinnacle via Massive Sound Recordings recently. I say long-awaited because the album was being worked on in the studio for almost two years during Covid, and then a certain Mr. Putin put another rather hefty spanner in the works. For fans of Symphony X,..

Gutter Creek – Gutter Creek (Doc Gator Records)

Gutter Creek is a new Canadian/Danish hard rock band made up by a trio of well established veterans of the metal scene which came together last year and their eponymous, no hold barred debut truly packs a punch like a heavyweight champion. The band comprises vocalist Søren Adamsen (ex-Artillery), guitarist Matt Hanchuck (Wreck-Defy) and drummer..

Dawnwalker – House of Sand

Dawnwalker are a collective of musicians based in London and led by songwriter Mark Norgate. Their music blends heavy rock and metal with more experimental and pastoral, folky, styles. There are no two of their records which sound quite the same, but they always feature a revolving cast of musicians who join forces to create..

H.E.A.T – Force Majeure (earMusic)

H.E.A.T are known for starting albums with a bang and there’s no exception here with Back To The Rhythm bursting out of the blocks and gifting us one of those brilliantly rhythmic chorus lines that the group are well known for. What is the equivalent of winning the lottery for a Swedish singer who has..