Grace And Fire – Elysium (OOB Records)

Grace And Fire is a new outfit from England which describes itself as ‘fusing progressive rock with melodic hard rock in a melodic, song-based, accessible format’. That description certainly pricked my interest, as did the presence of bassist Tim Ashton who had a couple of stints with UK prog veterans Galahad. The other musicians were..

Whyzdom – Of Wonders And Wars (Scarlet Records)

Whyzdom is a female fronted French symphonic metal band which formed in 2007 and Of Wonders And Wars is the fifth studio release plus they have one live DVD too. The band was initially formed by guitarist Vynce Leff who appears to play bass on the new album despite being one of the guitarists on..

Allen Key – The Last Rhino (Canil Records)

Allen Key (yes named after the tool) is a female led hard rock band from São Paulo In Brazil which formed in 2009 and came to prominence by winning Girl Rock, a musical competition that attracted an initial entry of over 10,000 bands with one of the jury members being Tarja Turunen and I think..

Kosmodome – Kosmodome (Karisma Records)

Kosmodome demonstrate straight out of the block to be mature and accomplished songwriters and musicians. Norway has always been considered a small fish in the musical world, overshadowed even in Scandinavia by its heavyweight neighbour Sweden, but there is a strong and flourishing prog scene at present ranging all the way from the heavier end..

Manimal – Armageddon (AFM Records)

Manimal began life in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 2001 with Armageddon being album number four coming some three years after the release of Purgatorio. Each release has seen an exponential increase in the band's sound which is pitched somewhere between classic heavy metal and power metal and the musicians very much wear their hearts on..

Hunted – Deliver Us (Pitch Black Records)

Hunted is a heavy metal band that formed in Cardiff in 2006 with a sound born out of NWOBM and Judas Priest and it was not until the 2010 that the debut Welcome The Dead was released. Now, Hunted is not the most prolific band you will ever come across and it is a long..

Ovrfwrd – StarStuff (Independent Release)

Ovrfwrd is a four-piece instrumental progressive rock band which was formed in 2012 in Minneapolis in the United States and StarStuff is the bands third studio album and, for the completists out there, they have also released a live album too. They have kept the same line-up since inception being Kyle Lund on Bass, Richard..

Spirit Bomb – Tight (Music-Records)

Spirit Bomb is one of those strange ideas that could only be conceived of in France as it is a crazy and ambitious concept to combine music and art into one tight unit where they are indistinguishable from each other. The story began in Marseille when the illustrator Pierre Lorem and guitarist Arnaud Duquesne got..

Toxic Rose – In For The Kill (Crusader Records)

ToxicRose began life back in 2010 after being formed in Stockholm, Sweden with a neat self titled EP coming out in 2012 but it wasn't until 2016 that the debut album Total Tranquility was released. The band specialised in a hard edged glam/sleaze rock and immediately picked up plenty of positive reviews especially as heavy..