July 11, 2020


Franck Carducci. Is it, I wonder, a name you’re familiar with? If not, and you’re a fan of prog rock or the more expansive side of classic rock in general, then it really should be. This is his third album – following on the heels of the excellent Torn Apart – but to these ears..


The debut by Texas-based, Lebanese brothers Mathew & Christopher Aboujaoude, this concept album is the tale of an old man’s discovery of a journal of his previous trials and tribulations. The soaring guitar work may betray the brothers’ influences, Pink Floyd & Rush, but it would be unfair to say this is a Floyd copy. The..

Ciminero – Subterranean Awakening

Ciminero show that doom can be modern, interesting and doesn’t have to be just about crunching guitars and gut-wrenching misery. Ciminero is a brand new four-piece doom band based in Helsinki, with guitars, bass and drums played by Finnish natives and female vocals from Italian Valentina Vigato. Valentina may have had a strong say in..

SECRET RULE – AGAINST (Pride & Joy Music)

Secret Rule is another addition to the ever increasing list of female fronted rock bands and, whilst they list the usual groups in Within Temptation, Delain, Epica and Nightwish, it is fair to say that they are a touch heavier than these outfits. They also state Rammstein and Slipknot as bands they admire and you..

Lesoir – Mosaic (Glassville Music)

Our lives are made up of various elements and parts; people, pets, work, our homes. They all have a colour; a shape and they vary in size. It is up to us to make our lives into works of art, using all these parts and elements, to make the complete picture. This is the 'mission..

Bonfire – Fistful Of Fire (AFM Records)

This remarkable German heavy rock band has been around since 1972 but was initially known as Cacumen until 1986 when they changed their name to Bonfire. This proved to be a masterstroke and since then, they have released many great rock albums and continued to raise their profile worldwide. For the uninitiated, Bonfire is a..

Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire (AFM Records)

This is now the fourth album by the New York guitarist Ross The Boss, otherwise known as Ross Friedman, founder member of proto-punk band The Dictators and the monster that is Manowar. Manowar is another of those bands that is so much larger than life and has become much more than the individual parts and..