Dragonfly – Zeitgeist (Art Gates Records)

Dragonfly is a power metal band that formed in Argentina in 2000 and then re-located to Spain in 2001 so they have plenty of experience behind them and they also have the confidence to back their sound by singing in Spanish - and I always find it refreshing when a band offers their music in..

Plague – Portraits Of Mind (Nuclear Winter Records)

Well, this is a nice surprise. Plague is an old school death metal band from Athens, Greece, which has been active since 2011, with one single released as far back as 2014. Now, almost 6 years later, they are releasing their full-length debut on Valentine’s Day. This is actually a quite suitable release date, if..

Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ritual (Mighty Music)

It is always nice to see the old NWOBHM bands still recording and performing great music after some 40 years. The Tygers Of Pan Tang were one of the bigger bands of the movement who had all the right pieces of the jigsaw and really should have gone on to have some of the fame..

The Drippers

Anyone out there remember Power Pop? It’s the closest tag I could think of for a lot of music coming out of Sweden from the nineties onwards that’s collectively badged as Swedish Action Rock. Among the early leaders of this movement were bands such as The Hellacopters, H.E.A.T. and Entombed, but there’s plenty more where..

Revolution Saints – Rise (Frontiers)

Once upon a time, there were a small number of 'supergroups', we all knew who they were and why exactly they were supergroups - Cream, Blind Faith, ELP to name but three. However, these days all it seems to qualify for the title is by having two or three musicians from separate groups and so..