The End Machine – Phase2 (Frontiers Music)

The End Machine was a new project/band put together by three ex-Dokken musicians in George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass) and drummer Mick Brown with former Lynch Mob and current Warrant vocalist Robert Mason. The idea behind the creation of the new team was to produce music with a strong '80s vibe that was cutting edge,..

Amigo The Devil – Born Against (Liars Club)

Amigo The Devil is the alter ego of American musician Danny Kiranos, a truly remarkable artist with a most distinctive style and penchant for songs of a gruesome and disturbing nature. His quite sublime debut, Everything Is Fine, was a deliciously dark slice of Americana and quite obviously showed that everything was, indeed, not fine!..

Ottone Pesante – Doomood (Aural Music)

Doomood certainly has to be one of the most outrageously original albums made in recent years. Imagine heavy rock music without guitars. No crunching chords. No guitar solos. Not even a thumping bass. You are probably thinking: what is left? Would it be John Bonham bashing away for fifteen minutes of Moby Dick? Luckily, there..

Peter Hammill – In Translation (Fie! Records)

I was once referred to as “the Shirley Bassey of the Underground”. Then and now I’m happy to live with that. Curious was the news that P.J.A. Hammill, esteemed and prolific British songsmith, had announced at the age of 72 that he was releasing an album consisting entirely of other people's compositions. What should not..

ARC OF LIFE – Arc Of Life (Frontiers)

Every new album which comes out has to be judged first and foremost on its own merits, it goes without saying. However, there are some releases whose significance make it impossible not to factor in to any assessment such things as how it is likely to appeal to the target audience, and how it fits..

BRUIT – The Machine is Burning and Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again (Elusive Sound)

So - this is something really quite different from yer average rock album, so stay with me as I explain! BRUIT ≤ are an elegant French ambient/neo-classical/post-rock band who originally emerged from the ashes of several pop bands, with a burning desire to do something different, turn their backs on the commercial recording industry and return to a process of musical creation without constraints. In fact, the initial plan was not to perform live at all, but to research and experiment with sound in a studio environment. No,..