DeVicious – Black Heart (Pride & Joy Music)

DeVicious is a quality heavy melodic rock band from Germany with Black Heart now being the band's fourth album since its formation in 2016. They have steadily built up a solid reputation for quality melodic metal but, strangely, the first three albums all featured different singers but Black Heart now sees all of the musicians..

Nocturna – Daughters Of The Night (Scarlet Records)

Nocturna is a new Italian Gothic/Symphonic metal band put together by the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown, Volturian, Be The Wolf) and the vocalists Grace Darkling and Rehn Stillnight. For some reason, Mondelli is credited on the album as Hedon and supplies the guitar work as well as the sublime piano throughout even..

Brave Rival – Life’s Machine

Brave Rival are a new quintet hailing from Portsmouth who were recently nominated for “Best Emerging Blues Artist Of The Year” at the UK Blues Awards 2022. I'm guessing they've been together since 2019, and they're so much more than "just Blues" (my parentheses), playing a wide-ranging mix of bluesy, soulful yet full-on classic rock that will appeal to..

Re-Machined – Brain Dead (Pride & Joy Music)

Re-Machined released a real contender for hard rock album of the year with Wheels Of Time in 2020 which was just so supreme, confident and assured for a debut release. It is amazing just how many fine metal bands have come out of Germany these days and the number seems to be ever increasing. The..

Pershagen – Hilma (Lovely Records)

Pershagen are a Swedish quartet that has just signed to Lövely Records, and released their third studio album Hilma at the end of April. They have a signature sound that is defined by strong cinematic songs, where colourful instrumental rock mixes psychedelic rock with indie, grunge and alternative rock - they were once described by..

Tenebra – Moongazer (New Heavy Sounds)

If you like your rock to be heavy, raw and bluesy then this one is definitely for you. The Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has a long and rich musical tradition. Giuseppe Verdi was born here, as were both the legendary conductor Arturo Toscanini and the opera singer that everybody knows: Luciano Pavarotti. Modern day counterparts,..