February 24, 2020

Noveria – Aequilibrium (Scarlet Records)

Formed in 2014, Noveria is a progressive metal band from Italy and is made up by members of DGM, Ethernity and Epysode. The founder was guitarist Francesco Mattei and his remit was for a technically proficient and progressive band with leaning towards symphonic and even death metal. He quickly brought in like minded musicians and..

Tanzwut – Seemsanngarn (AFM Records)

Tanzwut is yet another in an ever growing list of fine German Neu Deutsche Härte (NDH) bands but they are a little different to the others as they also cross into medieval metal territory which sounds bizarre but makes total sense when you listen to them. Rammstein set the template for NDH and we have..

Sinner – Santa Muerte (AFM Records)

If you are a fan of metal -and German rock in particular - then the name of Sinner needs no introduction, you know that quality rock is guaranteed. The band goes back to 1982 and was formed by the vocalist/bass player Mat Sinner (of Primal Fear and Voodoo Circle fame) and including new album Santa..

Passion- Passion (Frontiers)

Passion is a new rock project created by Daniel Rossall aka Lion Ravarez, the former vocalist of British melodic rock band Night By Night. It appears that Rossall - or Ravarez, if you wish - played most of the instruments on this album but has now brought in a talented team in Chance Vanderlain on..

Excalion – Emotions (Scarlet Records)

Excalion is a heavy metal band from Finland that covers hard, progressive and power metal with just a little pomp rock too. The band is led by founder Jarmo Myllyvirta and seems to be more of a studio based band as they seem to have only limited gig experience and then only in their native..


The variety of the album is what makes it relevant, with each track reflecting the mood of different Dali works or parts of his personality. That might sound pretentious, but hey, Dali could make swans reflect elephants, so electronic compositions can certainly reflect him! Well now, here's something rather special for the not inconsiderable number..

Rhodium – Sea Of The Dead (Sliptrick Records)

Rhodium is a relatively new progressive metal band from Greece having formed in 2017 by guitarist Loukas Wolv and has quickly followed the 2018 album, Scream Into The Void, with this hard hitting release. The debut was a confident introduction to the exciting metal of Rhodium but it seems that band leader Wolv has now..

Delain – Apocalypse & Chill (Napalm Records)

There can be some snobbery when it comes to symphonic metal and it has not always been given its fair dues. The genre has gone from strength to strength though and the numbers do not lie with scene behemoths Nightwish reaching heady heights as festival headliners and with probably one of THE most anticipated albums..