January 17, 2021

NoN – III (Crusader Records)

The heavy but melodic rock band NoN (formerly Now Or Never) was formed in 2012 by a couple of musicians formerly with that most superior Danish rock band Pretty Maids with guitarist Ricky Marx (Henrik Mark) with the band between 1989 and 1991 and bassist Kenn Jackson (Kenn Lund Jacobsen) from 1991 to 2010. They..

Saber – Without Warning (Church Recordings)

Saber is a relatively new band from Los Angeles, which we can safely put in the NWOTHM sub-genre. The band first released the speed metal flavored single Speed Racer in 2019, and in June 2020 “upgraded” it with another song in the new single Strike Of The Witch. This is the moment when Trevor William..

PIG – Pain Is God (Metropolis Records)

You have to have full belief in your talents, capabilities and totally prepared to do it your way if you are going to make a name for yourself in the rock business when performing under the name of PIG and using quite extreme photographs to publicise your work! Londoner, Raymond Watts aka PIG started out..

Avatarium – An Evening With Avatarium

There aren’t many rock bands around today that can put on a show this good. The first thing that struck me about this album was the title. Quite a few albums are entitled “An Evening With [artist name]” but typical examples are “An Evening With John Denver” or “An Evening With Diana Ross” which tend..

Sole Syndicate – Last Days Of Eden (Scarlet Records)

Sole Syndicate is an '80s inspired hard/melodic rock band from Sweden with Last Days Of Eden being the band's second album following on from the debut, Garden Of Eden, released in 2016. I haven't heard the first album but the lyrical theme of this follow up is very much COVID influenced with a dark warning..

Siren – Back From The Dead (FHM Records)

Siren is a heavy metal band from the Tampa Bay area of Florida which formed in 1981 and after releasing several debuts the band was picked up by a German label which led to a couple of albums being released with No Place Like Home in 1986 and the curiously titled Financial Suicide in 1988...