April 2, 2020

The Fangs Of The Dodo – The Curtained Sleep

Heavily inspired by iconic super-villains from the Marvel and DC school of fame, The Fangs Of The Dodo are five otherworldly and downright wacky individuals hailing from Bath and collectively producing some fairly dark, gothic, art-rock that will delight fans of My Chemical Romance, Creeper and Evanescence. The principal characters in this stage-show are Count..

Sepultura – Quadra (Nuclear Blast)

Despite it being 24 years, the spectre of the Max Cavalera's acrimonious departure from Brazillian pioneers Sepultura still hangs thick. Even practically on the eve of the release of their new album there was yet another spat based on an interview that vocalist Derrick Green gave recently, a positive comment nicely stirred up and twisted...

Lucifer Star Machine – The Devil’s Breath

The infernal boys are back! On April 3rd, Lucifer Star Machine will release their fourth album, “The Devil’s Breath”. A straight-shooting record filled with thirteen tracks guaranteed to turn every listener into a fully energised pogoer again!  “The Devil’s Breath”, is a 42-minute long road to hell that lures the listener with huge choruses, infernal..


Music afficianados of the 70s and 80s are well aware of the musical contributions of The Babys and its members. John Waite’s unique rock tenor graced solo hits such as Missing You, and keyboardist Jonathan Cain became a part of Journey’s signature sound. But before those projects, The Babys made their mark. Founded in London..


Comparable to the slightly pastoral prog of Charisma labelmates Genesis circa the Trespass album, with strong hints also of early Traffic... Brian Davison. Plenty of people might be aware of him, at a guess, as he was, and remains, best known as the drummer with The Nice, the band which propelled Keith Emerson into the..