Interview with Steve Asheim (Deicide)

Two weeks ago, death metal veterans Deicide released their new album Banished By Sin, which happens to be one of the best in their career. That was a good opportunity to reach out to their legendary drummer and a founding member Steve Asheim, who told us how it all started nearly four decades ago and..

Dave Kelly, Slide Man – The Interview

I found out something today that I didn’t know. OK, it’s a matter of history that acoustic American blues was starting to trickle into the UK by the mid 1950s, and Muddy Waters brought his electric Chicago style to Britain before the decade was out. Some British artists started messing about with skiffle and R’n’B,..

Interview with Rune Eriksen (VLTIMAS)

Even if the name doesn’t invoke immediate associations, we bet you’ve heard at least several of the albums Rune Eriksen (aka “Blasphemer”) has been involved in, be it Mayhem’s early 00s avant-garde opuses, which restarted their career, the epic heavy metal of Twilight Of The Gods or the blackened thrash of Aura Noir. Back in..

Velvet Thunder – Albums Of 2023

After another bumper year of quality music from across the rock spectrum, VELVET THUNDER is proud to present the best of the year. Thanks for reading in 2023 and see you all in 2024! Terry Craven Hawkwind - The Future Never Waits (Cherry Red) Withering Scorn - Prophets Of Demise (Frontiers) The Flower Kings -..

interview with Remi Nygård (Inculter, Morax)

Starting the second decade of their existence, Norwegian thrashers Inculter are now more lethal an inspired than ever, releasing their third fantastic album in a row. We had the pleasure to review Morbid Origin a few days ago, and now, the band’s frontman and guitarist Remi tell us everything we needed to know about Inculter,..

‘Bad Woman Blues’, a Documentary on Beth Hart – A Film by Oliver Schwabe

Bad Woman Blues' is an insightful documentary on powerhouse singer Beth Hart, made by filmmaker Oliver Schwabe. You can now watch it via YouTube below! The film was made for the German TV show Rockpalast and broadcast in November, but it is now available to watch via YouTube. 'Bad Woman Blues' follows the incredible story of singer-songwriter Beth Hart. It..