Davy Knowles – the interview

Chinese food goes everywhere and gets stepped on and everyone’s crying… The Isle of Man is a miniature country that carves its own way in the world. Parked out in the Irish Sea between Scotland and Northern Ireland, part of the British Isles but no member of the United Kingdom, it has its own government..

PYE HASTINGS: ‘Who Does He Think He Is?’ – Caravan main man on matters past, present and future

PHOTOS: Carl Glover Scottish-born but forever to be associated with Canterbury and the ‘Canterbury Scene’, Julian ‘Pye’ Hastings is guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter with legendary prog band Caravan, a band which grew out of the remnants of seminal Canterbury band The Wilde Flowers in 1968. He’s now the only ever-present member on Caravan’s long..

POETS, PROPHETS, VISIONARIES – Fish and Pete Trewavas on Marillion’s Fugazi album, and the new deluxe reissue

The 'difficult second album'. It's one of the most repeated cliches in rock music over the last few decades, but the number of bands who have their own examples are legion. Marillion were no exception when Fugazi arrived a year after the debut Script For A Jester's Tear in 1984. Personnel changes, producer issues and..

Interview with Jeff Carlisi (38 Special)

Where’s the dot? Everyone knows it’s DOT 38 Special… I can hear you out there, muttering under your breath about the lack of journalistic rigour. “Where’s the dot?” I hear you say. “Everyone knows it’s DOT 38 Special, because the band was named after the Smith & Wesson .38 Special bullet casing. Why, there’s a..