Bernie Marsden – Obituary

When Bernie Marsden passed away in August at the age of 72, one thing very quickly became clear: no one had a bad word to say about him. It’s not that he was the flashest, slickest guitarist on the planet, or even that he had the best blues licks or emotional communication, or that he..

Interview with Morgan Håkansson (Marduk)

Marduk is without a doubt among the hardest working bands in extreme music and especially in the black metal genre. Their persistency and perseverance have never wavered though their 33 years of existence and there is a reason for that. Marduk are about to release their fifteenth album next month and we took the opportunity..

Matteo Mancuso – The Interview

The Sicilian guitar prodigy shares his reflections on The Journey - all photos by Paulo Terlizzi Sometimes, life just doesn’t seem fair. You love music, you start playing, you get in a band, you practise for years, you get good, you make a name for yourself. But then you hear someone who torpedoes your efforts..

Interview with Ken Mary (Fifth Angel)

This is a band that deserves respect. Fifth Angel have been here for nearly 40 years and have released two classic melodic metal albums in the eighties and one worthy successor in the new millennium. Now, the band is entering its fourth decade of existence risen from the ashes of the pandemic, crucial line-up changes,..


You can’t talk about the second wave of black metal without mentioning Immortal. Battles In The North and At The Heart Of Winter are carved with golden letters in the history of extreme music and even if mastermind Demonaz is the only original and staying member of the band now, the tenth Immortal album War..